Kris: Please stop bashing me

  • Written by Mario Bautista
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KRIS Bernal sashayed with confidence as she walked into the ballroom of the Luxent Hotel in her revealing red gown at the Yes Magazine’s Most Beautiful Stars affair. She’s wearing very high heels and walked very carefully but with much confidence. “I’ve gained a bit more weight since the time I did my FHM pictorial na I was bashed dahil sobrang payat daw ako,” she says. “So now, mas may laman-laman na ako, but my body frame, ganyan na siguro talaga 'yan, kaya kahit malakas naman akong kumain, parang hindi ako nagge-gain ng masyadong weight. Kaya tigilan na sana 'yung pamba-bash na I'm too skinny and looks anorexic. Wala po akong eating disorder.”

But she really has a lot to be thankful for because her new Afternoon Prime show is getting great feedback from the viewers and is really rating very well in its time slot. “Gusto ko talagang pasalamatan lahat ng loyal viewers namin who have been with us since the show started airing. Basta huwag kayong bibitaw dahil mas marami pang intriguing and exciting happenings na mangyayari sa dalawang characters na ginagampanan ko, sina Nimfa and Rosette. I’m really enjoying my dual roles so much kahit mahirap at matrabaho silang gawin. I also want to thank the viewers who take time to send me positive messages to praise me for my acting in the show.”


CHERRY Pie Picache is happy over the best actress nomination she got for her role in the movie, “Pauwi Na”, which won her the best actress award in the To Farm Filmfest last year. Her leading man in the movie, Bembol Roco, won the best actor award and the movie itself later won the Golden Goblet Award in the Shanghai International Filmfest recently.
“Pauwi Na”, which is about a family going back to their home in the province by pedicab, also stars Meryll Soriano and Jerald Napoles. It will be re-shown in local theaters from August 17 to 22 as part of the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino, so those who want to see how Cherry Pie is so good in the film, now is the rare chance for you not to miss it.
Cherry Pie’s career is really doing well as she is in no less than two new soaps on ABS-CBN. She has already finished taping “The Promise of Forever” with Paulo Avelino and Ritz Azul and she’s now about to start taping the new drama series, “Visions of Love”, with Lorna Tolentino, Julia Montes, JC Santos and again, Paulo Avelino.
With regard to her personal life, she’s now the happy mom of a teenage boy. Her love son is now 15 years old, a high school student at the Ateneo and a competent tennis player who is a member of the National Team. And yes, she gladly admits she’s now in love again, with a non-showbiz guy who’s younger than her. “Hindi naman sobrang bata, slight lang,” she adds with a smile. “Exclusively dating kami, walang label, very millennial, di ba?”
Some folks might call her a cougar but such relationships now are not rare, as can be seen in the love affairs of Ai Ai de las Alas and her fiance Gerald Sibayan, Dr. Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho, and even Britney Spears, Madonna and Cameron Diaz who all have boyfriends younger than them. Does she see herself facing the altar with her BF some day? “Hindi na. Millennial nga, e. Pa-date-date na lang. At saka may anak na ako, mahirap.”


WE’RE a great fan of the very first “Planet of the Apes” film based on the novel by Pierre Boulle. The big twist in its narrative remains for us to be one of the most shocking endings in the history of cinema. The apes then stand for the blacks or people of other races that whites fear will eventually be ruling America.
Now comes “War for the Planet of the Apes”, the third in the series after “Rise” and “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” in 2011 and 2014, respectively. Most of the things we’ve read about it are very positive, praising it to high heavens especially the proficiency of the CGI in the motion-capture techniques used for the apes, especially Andy Serkis as the lead ape, Caesar, that is truly very impressive in being so photo-realistic. The monkeys are all just rendered flawlessly, with even their eyes expressing emotions.
But the movie itself is not worthy of the hype. There are several dragging stretches giving it a high “boringga” factor. Caesar, who acts like Moses leading his folks into safety, has plenty of overdramatic crying scenes, looking like he wants to be nominated for the Oscars. This sci-fi movie presents another dystopian view of the future about the decline of human civilization. Humans are affected by the simian flu that render them helpless while the apes become more and more intelligent.  
It presents a very depressing vision of the future, especially when you realize that the apes, from whose point of view the movie is told, are actually the leads and the humans are the villains. We think it would be very foolish of us viewers to agree with that premise, even if you’d say that the apes are just being used here as a symbol. A symbol of what? ISIS?
But the movie has another valid message: that revenge and violence beget exactly revenge and more violence. It’s a cycle from which man has never learned. Caesar here actually desires peace so he and the tribe of apes he leads are ensconced in a secret hideaway into the woods of Northern California for refuge. But the Colonel (Woody Harrelson), the head of a scalawag group of soldiers who want to kill the apes, tracks them down and kills his wife and son.
Caesar finds himself wallowing in hate and anger, emotions he wanted to set aside in his conflict with the traitor ape, Koba (Tobbey Kebbel), who sides with the villainous soldiers. It becomes his personal mission then to take revenge on the Colonel, a maniacal madman who stands in for Marlon Brando’s Colonel Kurtz in Coppola’s film. He captures all the apes and imprisons them in a concentration camp where they are forced to do hard labor. The monkeys are clearly the protagonists here eliciting audience sympathy while the humans are irredeemably evil, except for a mute orphan girl called Nova (Amiah Miller) who becomes an ally of the apes.
Many elements in the movie are really borrowed from a lot of other war movies, notably “The Great Escape” and even from the Roman slave flick “Spartacus”, by Director Matt Reeves, who also did “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”, the teen vampire flick “Let Me In” and the monster flick “Cloverfield”. The opening scenes, with the soldiers donning helmets adorned with tags like “Monkey Killer” and “Bedtime for Bonzo”, have allusions to the Vietnam War, as underlined in a graffiti on the wall saying “Ape-pocalypse Now”.
The movie has great production values, especially the design and the overall tone and atmosphere, which is very dark. But there are just a lot of meandering sequences in between the action scenes. The slow-moving scenes just go on and on and needlessly lengthen the film’s running time to more than two sluggish hours. A lot of trimming can honestly quicken the pacing of this cumbersome film. This U.S. summer is truly full of such unnecessarily long movies that simply bore, just like the latest “Transformers” and “Spiderman: Homecoming”, making it a truly “boringga” summer.