2019 polls security

October 17, 2018
IS the Philippine National Police (PNP) well-prepared to ensure the holding of free, honest and orderly elections on May 13, 2019, when the nation goes anew to the polls to elect new government officials?

Prayers answered for Col. Rainier Espina

October 16, 2018
IT’S really an early Christmas in October for a good cop-friend named Senior Superintendent Rainier Espina after the Supreme Court, noting his length of service, unblemished record, and numerous awards received during his 29 years in active service decided to order his reinstatement at the Philippine National Police with his full rank.

Enter Ateneo-Motolite

October 16, 2018
IF YOU turn on the television and see crowd favorite Ateneo Lady Eagles now playing with the popular eight-letter word M-O-T-O-L-I-T-E on their uniforms, don't switch channel.

Illegal wildlife trade

October 16, 2018
THE Philippines, home to the world famous but critically-endangered “Tamaraw,” has been losing some P50 billion worth of revenue each year to illegal wildlife trade (IWT).