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  • Written by Dulce Reyes
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I was one of those caught in the traffic due to the sudden downpour of heavy rain and flash floods last Friday.

From 5 p.m. till around 8 p.m., the rain relentlessly poured over Metro Manila and other areas outside of it. Naturally, we expected the traffic and the flooding.

It was the end of a working day, Friday, and people patiently waited it out inside their offices till the rains subsided which it did after  8 p.m. I heard over the radio that the pumping stations to remove water from the streets were immediately opened and guess what.

The pumps were working but were not effective. Why? These pumps are supposed to drain the water. Which it did efficiently. What these pumps could not handle were the trash, the garbage, mostly plastics, that came with the flood.

Now, whose fault it that? It’s like we, the commuters and working class, are being punished and inconvenienced by the irresponsibility of others who just don’t care.

Well, those who throw their garbage in the streets also get to receive the same garbage when it floods. We are just not mindful of the rights of others. We are a people who are not mindful of the good of our neighborhood, our cities, our country. What will it take for us to wake up and be thankful that we still have a democratic country to live in? Going back to last Friday’s horrendous flood and traffic, it is to be expected that there were no traffic enforcers in critical corners. Drivers were not obeying the traffic signs. They just wanted to go ahead not knowing that the streets ahead were also in a gridlock. Fortunately, coming from The Manila Hotel, I made a stopover at Robinson’s Galleria to eat dry up and park my vehicle in the upper parking slots.

After two hours, I left the building only to be blocked by traffic in the Malate area. South Superhighway going south was a smooth ride until the intersection going to EDSA which was at a standstill.

Now if we had traffic enforcers here, the vehicles would move and not just block each other. That is the problem with us drivers. We just want to block everyone. Isn’t there a rule that we should not block intersections? Well, someone should start enforcing this. Instead of making several rounds, public transports cannot do so because of the gridlocks which in turn results in long long lines in various stations.

Everything is connected and the selfishness of just one driver can cause a lot of delay for everyone. What do we do when things like this suddenly happen? Well, just stay indoors until everything lightens up.

Then you can start your journey. Better yet, try walking. After all, the campaign against loitering is not the hottest topic and should make our streets cleaner and safer.