What’s my take on recent events?

  • Written by Manuel L. Morato
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The hot issue of the past days is about the Australian nun, Sister Patricia Fox who is rather foxy.  She tries to make believe that what she is doing by joining the rallies is to fight for “human rights.”  Sister Fox-y should stop pretending for she knows the foreigners are prohibited to join political activities of a foreign government.  Hindi siya taga-rito; hindi siya Pinay, bakit siya nakiki-sawsaw na dapat niyang gawin ay mas patatagin ang paniniwala ng tao sa Diyos. That’s her primary mission.  

Sister Fox-y nobody prohibits you to report to the Philippine authority (not to foreign rabble-rousers) what you perceive are violations of human rights.  And who are you to judge right from wrong?  Are you qualified?  Or you are one of the so-called “informers” of what is happening in our (not yours) country.  I hope you are not a friend of that Agnes Callamard, allegedly UN special rapporteur.  She tried to solve our problems when she can’t even solve the problems of her own country – which is not by all means heavenly.  Are you and Agnes related by any chance?  I thought you might be twin sisters.  You do look very much alike.

The UN must first prove to the world that they can solve the problems in Iraq, Syria and other troubled nations for the former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon who did nothing to pacify the problems in Iraq, Syria… during his term.
Sister Fox-y, I advice you to nourish instead the hungry.  Give them food for the body and nourish their souls as well.  A person is composed of body and soul.  A person without a soul is not a human being.  Mukhang nahawa kayo kay Sister Mary Johnny Manansan of St. Scholastica.
I repeat, Sister, you are not the law nor part of it, much less in the Philippines for you are not a Filipino citizen.  Philippine Law prohibits foreigners to participate on political activities strictly limited to Filipino citizens as maybe your country, Australia, would deport immediately Filipino nuns joining rallies in Australia against the Australian government.
It makes sense, doesn’t it, Sister?  I advice you be sent by your Order to Syria, Iran, etc… where you can practice fully your rebellious character.  Those countries can serve as very good outlet for your pent-up feelings.
Sister Fox-y, try to understand what the Philippines had undergone in the past regime.  Criminality, drug addiction, rapes… proliferated.  It is said that the past regime kowtowed with the drug syndicate.  It is also being said that despite your criticisms against President Duterte’s government, statistics show that criminality had dropped, drug syndicates and pushers have lessened as well as rapes, murders, corruption and kidnap for ransom… have dropped since
President Duterte took office on June 30, 2016.  BUT, and I say it with a big but, right after the elections on May 9, 2016 when it was very clear that former Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte had won the election for president by a big, big margin showing that Mar Roxas could never catch up even in his wildest dream, my friends in the military service including friends in the intelligence and the police told me that the killing started after the elections when Aquino 3rd was still sitting in office.  So many were killed from May after the elections to June 30, 2016 when President Duterte has not been sworn into office, nor took over.  But the momentum of the “cleansing” started after the May 9, 2016 elections and even before then, quietly, when I was informed that those who could “point” to those involved in the drug trade were immediately eliminated.  That’s when the most brutal killings took place when the pictures showed bodies sprawled on the ground.  And the “mission” continued thereafter.  It makes sense, doesn’t it?
We cannot deny the fact that the enemies of President Duterte took advantage of the tough stance President Duterte took against drug pushers, users, traders and syndicates.  The President meant to use the scare tactic which he really meant it in the first place.  But scaring those involved in drugs accepted that President Duterte was/is serious to fight the drug syndicates or lose the youth and the people of this country.  Little did the President know that Benigno Aquino
the 3rd and his cohorts would do the wiping out of the youth, the 4th graders no less than a million children who sooner or later might die because of the Dengvaxia vaccine.  As of now, about 40 have died; and many more are showing signs of illnesses and bad symptoms.
Some say the Dengvaxia program of the past regime is second only to Hitler’s holocaust also counting into the millions of children together with the adults of Jewish extract.
The authorities say some three thousand of drug pushers and drug traders died during the “cleansing” period.  But the “yellow brigade” have been singing a different tune abroad, not here, for they would be caught lying, immediately.
The enemies of this government say 14 thousand or more, highly exaggerating to catch the attention of the other foreign countries who have also big problems of their own, pretending as if they care for us Filipinos.  Fix your own respective countries first before you even attempt to fix our country.  We do not need any of you to meddle in our affairs for we have very capable people to take care of our own country – so much so that the Filipinos are in great demand all over the world, very much in demand for their skills and intelligence.
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