We can do it

  • Written by Dulce Reyes
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Women talk

As I write this column, Friday, preparations for the ASEAN Summit is now being completed. After several dry-runs, it’s now all go including the various lockdown advisories. Drivers of all types of vehicles should know these traffic re-routing notices or else they will suffer the inconveniences of being turned back. Even as early as Monday, I already saw hundreds of traffic enforcers and PNP personnel being briefed in the Makati area and I am wondering where all these people came from. We don’t see these many enforcers during ordinary days so I presume they were pulled out from other areas.

What I observe with all these preparations is that we can do something given the powers of government to alleviate the miserable traffic situation if we put our minds to it. Just assign traffic enforcers in various chokepoints several meters apart and vehicles will move. We can do it. I agree we have to be strict with security and traffic flow for our foreign guests whose black cars with ASEAN stickers already parked at various hotels.

This means the advance parties are already billeted in these hotels and are doing the preliminary works. Note that these guests came from other Asian countries so that comparisons cannot be avoided.

I just hope we are at par with the rest of these nations in welcoming the foreign leaders. Of course we,  the women cannot help but  look at the dresses and gowns of the first ladies which are of course outstanding in simplicity and elegance. I wonder how these ladies will look wearing our native attire like the ternos.
When it comes to food, we can measure up with the rest of our neighboring countries. Sure, the lockdown areas are usually Roxas Boulevard but you and I know the traffic standstill will spill out to the other areas like EDSA, Quirino Avenue, and coastal road so I can just visualize the volume of vehicles which will be passing through alternative routes.
We have a lot of experience with these types of international conferences so we can expect what will happen. Security will be tight and that is of course understandable.
But we will be looking at the stories in the sidelines. Are all these worth it for our people who will be inconvenienced a lot with these international conferences? Not right away but I hope we can expect the economic benefits to come soon.
And don’t forget the effects on our country’s security. I can also imagine the adjustments being done by school authorities in making sure our affected students won’t be missing out on a lot of their classes considering the many cancellations due to typhoons and this conference. Many are opting to go out of town this long weekend again. That will be good for our tourism.
Well, enjoy this extended holiday and watch out for how the leaders of various countries interact and as for me, I will enjoy watching the fashion scenery of this conference.