Village problems continue (2)

  • Written by Manuel L. Morato
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As I said in Part I last Tuesday, there are only two persons in Monterrazas Village who are running the village illegally without authority for their illegal board simply disintegrated. Now the two left who are delinquents continue to lord over the village, illegally as well.

The Chairman resigned, the President and members of the board of directors followed suit. On what authority are Wanda Joseph and Socorro Flores standing on collecting money from some homeowners they could harass when the HLURB Legal Services Group notified both boards? As a matter of fact, HLURB Legal Services Group advised both the legal and the illegal board cannot collect dues until the case of an illegal election is resolved which could have been easily resolved a year and a half ago when the HLURB Legal Services Group ruled that an election must be held immediately to resolve the impasse. But Commissioner Luis Paredes who was favoring the illegal group disregarded the decision of the HLURB Legal Services Group.

The case has been prolonged. It need not be that way for the illegal group that Commissioner Luis Paredes sided with no longer exists. The group has disbanded avoiding the heavy expenses in running the village and the penalty of P720,185.11 charged against them for dismissing 3 regular employees when they took over. The National Labor Relations Commission rendered the decision. The chairman, president and directors all jumped ship refusing to have to shoulder the penalty from the NLRC.

I don’t think they can fool all the homeowners. Who in his/her right mind would allow themselves to be gypped? They must issue an official receipt before they can collect the dues. Not only that, the legitimate homeowners know that their bank account in the PNB has been garnished by the NLRC because of their obligation to 3 regular employees who have been dismissed by them without paying their separation fees, bonuses, etc… It’s the illegal group of Wanda Joseph and Socorro Flores to blame for dismissing the 3 regular employees sometime in December 2016 when they had already taken over the MHAI . They were part of the board when they approved the dismissal.

The decision of the NLRC or the National Labor Relations Commission favored the 3 regular employees dismissed. This breakaway bunch of illegal usurpers were told by the NLRC to pay the 3 regular employees and reinstate them immediately. And the NLRC decision adamantly decided “no appeal.” This is what the two remaining directors are avoiding: According to the informer, the actuation of Teresa “Wanda” Romero Joseph and  Mrs. Socorro Flores are suspect, considering that both are delinquent in the payment of their annual dues for years. They are homeowners who are not in good standing and cannot even be elected for any position in the Monterrazas Homeowners Association, Inc.; nor can they vote in an election. They can be jailed for malversation of funds.
In my 20 years of having two summer houses inside the village, this is the first time I encountered a problem from PNoy’s appointees in the HLURB who meddled in the management of the village. That’s not supposed to be the role of the HLURB. The commission should have not favored either side but simply guided the association what it ought to do, respecting the majority of the homeowners in good standing. How do we put the village back in order? Despite the damages inflicted on the Monterrazas Homeowners Association, Inc. by the HLURB Commissioners whose main protagonist and architect of the unreasonable situation was created by Commissioner Luis Paredes who maneuvered the mess we suffered in our village in Baguio for over a year and a half, at great loss to the stakeholders of about 160 homeowners will now all have to come to an end. The injustice inflicted on us by the Commissioners of HLURB we will never forget. It was the most insane office we have dealt with. A HLURB Commissioner made a wrongful decision so glaringly biased to favor a fraternity brod of the Alpha Phi Omega. The other Commissioners tagged along.
I never thought that its members are indecent enough to twist the truth in accordance with the law just to favor a fraternity brod. Commissioner Luis Paredes succeeded in putting his fraternity brod as chairman of MHAI from an illegal election held in Baguio in September 3, 2016. But Dr. Gary Lasquite who is a considerably new homeowner in the village had at least the decency of resigning in May 2017 from his chairmanship when he found out that the election held in Baguio was against the By-Laws of the Monterrazas Homeowners Association, Inc. It violated the By-Laws wherein it’s clearly indicated that Annual Meeting and Election must be held in Metro Manila where most of the homeowners reside. Baguio to most homeowners is a vacation place. The Supreme Court has the houses there for its summer sessions; and so are the teachers have housing facilities in the Teacher’s Camp for the summer months. But technically, the Supreme Court Justices use those houses anytime with their families. The houses are earmarked for each Supreme Court Justice until they retire. The next Justice takes over. It’s also that way in the Teacher’s Camp. But they go on rotation all year round.
This coming March, the Monterrazas Homeowners Association, Inc. is compelled to hold an annual meeting and elections according to our By-Laws here in Metro Manila as mandated by our By-Laws. The role of the HLURB is not to dictate how a village must be ran by its homeowners. The HLURB should just see to it that no By-Laws and the Magna Carta are violated. The MHAI is registered in the SEC as a corporation and as in any corporation; proxies are allowed; a quorum is required made up of the majority of homeowners in good standing who are allowed to vote and can be voted. The delinquents who do not pay their annual dues for many years (even for a year) are not allowed to vote in an election.
I am not a lawyer, but knowledge and common sense I have. I am an economist and spent most of my life running the family corporations. I am not ignorant about the corporate world, compared to those who hibernate in their offices waiting for the manna from heaven to fall on their lap. Okay na rin sana sa akin, but do not screw the others. Help solve the problem.
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