The joke is on you, Isabel; who benefits from rallies?

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Erstwhile beauty queen and showbiz personality Maria Isabel Lopez is in deep, deep trouble for the
inexplicable behaviour she displayed recently. 

As we all know by now, her woes stemmed from a few moments of indiscretion, when she removed a
cone that separated the lane exclusively assigned for delegates of the Association of Southeast Asian
Nations (Asean) Summit, just so she could use it sans the necessary car pass.                
As if this were not enough, she made a video recording of her ‘adventure’ in complete
disregard and mockery of the regulations and the authorities that came up with such.   
Now that the authorities have reacted -- heard she had been summoned both by the Land
Transportation Office (LTO) and the Department of Transportation (DOTr), will be facing several
charges and might even lose her driving license -- Lopez came up with several ‘reasons’ for what she
did. ‘I’m just human’ and ‘needed to answer call of nature,’ to name a few.
Lopez is a UP graduate and a mother of two kids who are leading decent lives.  She is a known
movie and television actress. She was also the Binibining Pilipinas Universe 1982 titleholder, a
former member of the NCCA (National Commission for Culture and the Arts) and ex-secretary of the
Committee on Visual Arts for the year, etcetera.
As such, Lopez should have been more circumspect with her actions, considering a lot of
things. After all, she is no ordinary Filipina and given her stature, more is expected of her and she
should be fully aware that some young girls may still be looking up to her, too, even if she won her
title decades ago.
Not only did Lopez disappoint those who continue to put her in high esteem but moreso, she put
herself at risk and set a very bad example.
What could have happened if a speeding convoy of Asean delegates came from the opposite
direction? What if authorities thought the driver of the said unauthorized car illegally using the
Asean lane was some crazy guy out to harm a delegate or create trouble similar to incidents abroad
where cars driven by deranged individuals just ram into people?   
Having represented the country in an international competition during her prime, Lopez is
expected to have more concern, love and care for the reputation of her country than the rest of us. 
Mocking our authorities and the rules governing such a very significant event like the Asean
Summit is just  the opposite.
It now seems that the authorities are hell-bent on making her suffer the consequences of her
actions. Disregard of traffic signs, violation of the anti-distracted driving act and reckless driving
are just some of the charges she may face in the coming days.
Lopez was laughing all the way, as she enjoyed using the exclusive Asean  lane.  She thought
it was a one big joke. Now, the joke is on her.         
Speaking of mocking the laws, rallyists are at it again, trying to shift the limelight from
the Asean Summit to them, by doing the things that they are good at -- disrupting international events
and parroting the same, recycled issues against the US.
What’s particularly annoying is that, while authorities have designated specific areas where
protests or demonstrations may be held, these rallyists insist on trooping to the places where they
are off-limits.  
If they truly love their country as they profess, they should not be making any moves that
would make our country appear to be unstable specially in terms of peace, order and security.
The Asean Summit is one event that would make the country and the majority of the Filipinos,
benefit in the long run and chaotic protests do not help any. What about these rallies? Who benefits
from them? Definitely not the majority of Filipinos.   
Police authorities keep on saying that they will exercise maximum tolerance. Maximum is
different from unlimited. These protesters should be made to understand that fully well.

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