Stressful traffic

  • Written by Dulce Reyes
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It is amazing what a no traffic EDSA can do to motorists like me. Whenever there are no classes, or no work day, driving through EDSA is literally a ‘breeze’. This is only possible during such rare occasions and on Sundays, early morning. Well, actually, it is a ‘breeze’ going through EDSA befoe 6 a.m. any day of the week. What does this mean then?

There are just too many vehicles, public and mostly private, out there and if we really want to decongest our main thoroughfares, implement car-pooling or have a reliable mass transport system. The latter is still a long time to achieve so in the meantime, we just have to change our sleep/awake schedule.

That is, if we want to remove a major cause of stress this holiday season. On another more joyful topic, have you noticed the holiday decors now sprouting around the urban areas? You should also visit hotel lobbies and for me, the one of The Manila Hotel holiday decor is something of a must-see.

This iconic hotel is such a pride of place for Filipinos, especially for baby boomers that millennials should talk to their elders and ask why this hotel is still a must visit or stay.
You should also start to set aside funds to give cheer to the less fortunate, instead of mulling over what to give those who have already much in life. This will lessen your stress and make you even feel better.
I cannot understand why we tend to give more and better gifts to those who have rather than divert these quality items to the have-nots.
This is such an irony of life. And while we are in the topic of de-stressing, how about thinking of ways to really spread the holiday cheer by being more mindful of others and thinking of ways of being kind to those people who are negative and irritating.         Maybe we can learn to be more tolerant and forgiving which is definitely hard to do but it is well worth the effort, especially when driving through the traffic maze of our urban thoroughfares. Another way of de-stressing is by focusing on the positive things which include  switching to channels that provide good news.     
There is so much negativity around that we should really learn to choose what to watch and listen to. It is like shutting off the negativity for one or two days and when you feel like it, take a peek and see how to be more constructive. We can only limit our whining and complaining of what is happening around. Toxic people seem to forget the cliche that life is short.
So as we start our holiday season, think about it. Choose the right things, make the right decisions that will affect your day, and help yourself de-stress.