Robin Padilla’s ‘wrong mistakes’

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IN the movies, we expect action star Robin Padilla to be quick on landing punches and pulling the trigger. Recently though, I was surprised to learn that he is also quick to judge and issue pronouncements without studying first if he has any basis, if he may cause undue harm and if doing so would be irresponsible. Of course, this is perfectly okay when done in the movies. In real life, it’s definitely not okay. 

Padilla made some news when he took to Instagram recently, to express his supposed disappointment over his failure to go to China where he said he was invited to the celebration of the Sulu-China relations from September 12 to 15.       
As quoted in reports, he said: “Sa hindi maipaliwanag na pangyayari ay hindi ako makakaalis ng bansa dahil ako ay may hold order sa Bureau of Immigration. Napakagulo ng naganap na ito sapagkat noong ako’y conditional pardon lamang kailanman ay hindi ako nagkaroon ng suliranin sa pag-alis ng Inangbayan pero ngayon na absolute pardon na ako ay ngayon pa ako nabiyayaan ng hold order ng BI.” 
The sarcasm went on: “Baka pati ako ay TRIAD na rin. Naku po naman, baka ipatawag pa ako ng Senado, aba’y hindi ko kayo tatanggihan, game ako d’yan. Nakapanghihina naman po ang binabayaran kong malaking tax kung palagi akong kasama sa usual suspect.”   
It will be recalled that Padilla went to jail after he was convicted for illegal possession of firearms in 1994. Three years later, he was granted conditional pardon by former President Fidel Ramos before he was given executive clemency by President Duterte back in November.
BI spokesperson Atty. Ma. Antonette Mang-robang and Marc Red Marinas, chief of the BI  Port Operations Division  (POD), immediately checked since Padilla’s rants made it appear like he was at the airport and barred from leaving due to a hold-departure order (HDO) that runs counter to the pardon granted to him by the President. They said there was no  record of Padilla going through immigration procedure or not being allowed to leave due to an HDO  in any of the airports, including the NAIA terminals, at least for the past seven days. Mangrobang said that the BI also does not have any record of any active HDO issued against Padilla and that  they in fact wish to reach out to him for details and would like to know more about the (alleged) incident. 
According to Marinas, the one that has a mere ‘record of compliance’ -- was not actor ‘Robinhood Cariño Padilla’ but one Robin Simbulan Padilla, who was ‘offloaded’ or not allowed to board his plane sometime last year,  for failure to comply with pertinent documents needed to travel abroad and as such, was placed in the BI’s records management facility (alert) for monitoring purposes and document compliance. Even if he continues to be non-compliant, this Robin Simbulan Padilla did not have any HDO although he remains in the ‘alert’ system. Why, even the dates of birth are different so there is really no room for mistake. The actor is 20 years older than the other Robin.
So what went wrong? First, actor Padilla should have directed his inquiry with the BI, not the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).  As can be inferred from his Instagram post, Padilla asked a certain ‘Ms. Lu’ to check if he can leave without hassle. The check, however, was made with someone from the DFA who said: “upon checking po sa watchlist database system namin, active pa po ’yung HDO ni Sir.  Bale, he has to have clearance po talaga from BI.’          
Even granting this is true, the BI never shared database with the DFA. There was also the mistake of having misconstrued Robin Simbulan’s mere ‘alert’ as HDO.
Instead of unnecessarily putting the BI in a bad light, Padilla should have simply verified his status with the BI since his concern was immigration-related and as such, the BI can best address his query. Why ask the DFA? It’s like going to the Customs for passport-related concerns!
Now that the issue had been blown out of proportion, Padilla again took to Instagram to clarify that he never mentioned having had any ‘encounter’ with the BI. That’s not the point. If one is able to read his whole post, it is clear that he was directing his attacks at the BI.
As a showbiz personality, he should be aware of the impact of statements he makes and own responsibility if he commits blunders. An apology to the BI is clearly in order.  I hope Robin Padilla mans up and be the ‘macho’ he’s been known as all these years.


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