Questions which need to be answered by Trillanes, PAO

  • Written by Alfred P. Dalizon
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Crame files

I’M a stickler for truth and justice but in the wake of the controversies generated by congressional inquiries on the P6.4 billion smuggling of shabu into the country and the killing of teenagers Kian delos Santos, Carl Angelo Arnaiz and another person which turned out to be not Reynaldo ‘Kulot’ de Guzman as many were made to believe, I would like to echo some questions raised by my friends, Peemayers or not.

First, officers have asked if it is really right for Senator Antonio Trillanes IV to claim that his PMA upperclassmen are the ones feeding President Duterte negative information against him. Many Peemayers in the PNP and the Armed Forces have told me that literally, Trillanes doesn’t want his upperclassmen to embarrass or cast aspersion on the integrity of their underclassmen like him.

My friends said that by saying that, Trillanes is making many to believe that underclassmen like him have the authority to raise doubts on the integrity of their upperclassmen. “Ang gusto niyang sabihin, puwedeng kayanin ng underclass ang upperclass pero hindi puwedeng gawin yun ng upperclass sa underclass,” one Cavalier, now a general told me in referring to Trillanes of PMA Class 1995.

They were referring to the heavy flak drawn by Trillanes in connection with the suicide of former Defense Secretary Angelo ‘Angie’ Reyes of PMA Class 1966 in February 2011. During a 2011 Senate investigation on the alleged anomaly in the handling of military funds, Trillanes told Reyes that he “had no reputation to protect.” Reyes later committed suicide in front of his mother’s grave in Loyola Memorial Park in Marikina City.

Trillanes had said there is an exception to their tradition of respecting his PMA upperclassmen and also once said that he does not respect his PMA upperclassmen who humiliated him and other soldiers who staged failed coup attempts against the former Macapagal-Arroyo administration. The question here is why many Peemayers have described Reyes as ‘honorable’ and Trillanes as ‘uncavalier’ after that sad incident in Philippine history.
Another issue: the feisty senator had signed a waiver that will allow government investigators from the Ombudsman and the Anti-Money Laundering Council to open his supposed bank accounts abroad. However, is the waiver enough if such an account turned out to be a ‘joint account?’  Officials raised the question amid the possibility that in the event of a joint account, details of such existing deposit cannot be opened without the consent of the co-depositor. 
I was told that similar waivers executed in the past by some personalities were not honored as their co-depositor abroad did not sign the same. There were also cases of some famous personalities who have huge offshore accounts in the name of other persons like their brothers and sisters. Just the same, let truth be out.
There were also questions raised on the penchant of some dismissed or former PMA cadets as well as retired officers to do business in government, PNP and AFP units where their ‘mistahs’ are assigned. This has been evident in the ongoing Senate investigation into the P6.4-billion shabu shipment from China where the participation of Peemayers, graduates or not, has been exposed.
Add to that the involvement of some dismissed or retired Peemayers in a multi-million peso contract at the PNP Firearms and Explosives Office during the time of former PNP chief, Gen. Alan Purisima which brought trouble to the latter. ‘Old Boys’ Club’ as they say.
Now, the questions raised by many officials for the Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) and its head, Attorney Percida Acosta. First, if PAO has the mandate to provide legal assistance to people who lack  the money to hire a private lawyer, why is it now acting as if it is a government investigator and prosecutor at the same time?
Officials have also questioned the authority of PAO resident medico-legal expert, Dr. Erwin Erfe to perform autopsy on bodies of murder victims like Delos Santos. They are asking: Why is PAO questioning the credibility of the result of autopsy and DNA tests conducted by the PNP Crime Laboratory which is already in existence for the past 74 years?
If the result of any DNA test is 99.9 percent accurate, then it really appears that the De Guzman family are holding a wake for a wrong person and receiving financial support or ‘abuloy’ from different groups and persons sympathizing with them.
I heard a son of Eduardo and Lita de Guzman also expressing doubt if the dead man on the coffin is his brother ‘Kulot.’ The man said that ‘Kulot has no earrings and is circumsized. ‘Kulot’s brother said that the man in the coffin has an ear piercing and is ‘supot,” Those words came from his mouth.