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QC Chief Lorenzo’s feat a welcome respite

  • Written by Itchie G. Cabayan
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First of all, congratulations to my newest kumare and kumpare Beverly Anne Garcia and Michael dela Paz, whose first baby, Maxine dela Paz, was recently baptized at the San Miguel Arkanghel Church in Bulacan. 

The said affair was graced by Beverly’s beloved Tito, former Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim who is still so vibrant and debonair at 87,  his pretty and caring wife Gemma Mayor as well as his breakfast buddies Engr. Florentino ‘Braggy’ Cabrera, Levi Arce, Nato Tarca and Rolly Santarin.
Those who stood as sponsors to baby Maxine, apart from San Miguel-Bulacan Mayor Ivy Mendez-Coronel, were led by Lim’s very amiable and hard-working chief of staff Ric de Guzman, Lim’s equally trusted former Manila building official Engr. Melvin Balagot and former senior citizens’ office head Engineer Reynaldo Ignacio, Engr. Jojo Tobias, Egay Garcia, Carmencita Samonte, Anthony Garcia, Christina Germia, Jhe Raoet, Piwee Villanueva, Joyce Palma, Dang Blas and Mayor Lim’s own son Bernard.  Again, congrats to Beverly and Michael!!!
The recent accomplishment of Chief Inspector Rolando Lorenzo Jr., Detachment commander of the Quezon City Hall Precinct, is one worthy of emulation and is a welcome respite in the wake of accusations of ‘extrajudicial killings’ against the members of the Philippine National Police (PNP).
First, Lorenzo and his men were able to contain the crimes as they were taking place or had just taken place and were able to ‘neutralize’ the suspects without causing collateral harm or damage. Most of all, the operation was ‘real and legitimate’ and there is a victim attesting to it.
I am referring to a shooting incident that took place just last May 12, 2017 at around 1 a.m. It was a shooting encounter between cops led by Lorenzo and three armed men along Arboretum Road at the  Barangay UP Campus.
The hapless victim was waiting for a Quiapo-bound passenger jeepney on the sidewalk of Commonwealth Avenue corner Tandang Sora Avenue in Barangay Culiat when the suspects suddenly appeared and at gunpoint declared a holdup. They then forcibly took the victim’s  sling bag containing money and other personal belongings and  then fled on foot with their loot,  as they immediately boarded a PUJ heading towards Quezon Memorial Circle.
After mustering enough guts, the victim moved away and tried looking for anyone who could help him. Luckily for him, City Hall Precinct personnel were, at that time, conducting patrol along the stretch of Commonwealth Avenue westward onboard mobile patrol car QC-246. The said incident by the way, was immediately relayed to Lorenzo, who personally led a pursuit operation with the aim of apprehending the suspects.
The cops, on board two mobile cars, scoured the possible escape routes and then found the three suspects casually walking along Arboretum Road at the back of Petron Commonwealth in Barangay UP Campus.
Through the mobile car’s public address system, the trio were advised to freeze for inspection, particularly after they were positively identified and pinpointed by the victim as the very same suspects who robbed him.
Instead of heeding the lawful order of the police for them to stop for verification, the suspects opted to draw their firearms and engage the cops in a shootout. Faced with no other options, the cops retaliated and killed the suspects instantly.
During the subsequent probe conducted by duty investigators PO3 Joseph Cortes and SPO1 Nathaniel Tan, the suspects were found to be in possession not only of unlicensed firearms.  Their bags were also found to contain assorted cellphones, a wallet and an ATM card as well as personal items belonging to a woman and small plastic sachets of shabu.
All throughout the entire operation and the subsequent inventory of the things found on the suspects, the victim was there, eliminating the usual possibility that the evidence may have been ‘planted’ or that the suspects were mere fall guys.
At least in this case, there is no room for doubt that the operation was legit, that those killed were indeed the real suspects and that there was truly a real victim and a real shootout as well as a real set of evidence.
It is thus safe to say that with Lorenzo and his men around, QC is much safer.

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