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Ped xing

First, the call was to go west.

Then, it was to turn east.

Now, the green light is on to sail out.

Opportunities not only a bound in the Land Down Under; the space for business expansion is boundless there.

Consider an intrepid local financial technology startup which has secured a firm foot hold in Australia.

After spreading its wings over a vast area of mainland Southeast Asia, the local fin-tech startup has partnered with an Australian fund manager to further grow its business.

Acudeen Technologies is proud to formally announce collaboration with First Growth Funds (AUX:FGF), a publicly listed company in Australia.

This enables the accelerated growth of the AssetChain Ecosystem being built on top of the current Acudeen platform which has amassed over $6,000,000 worth of transactions to date in the Philippines alone. This year, its expansion to Singapore and Myanmar has allowed it to address more markets using the new blockchain based structure which is currently under development. The team is now in negotiations with relevant parties that would establish the company in other emerging markets in Southeast and Central Asia.

Following the company’s successful Public Token Sale run in June, CEO Mario Jordan Magellan Fetalino III says that the next step would be to conduct more roadshows worldwide to raise awareness, onboard competent developers and forge more partnerships with relevant collaborators moving forward.

“The token will be listed on mid-level tier exchanges within the next few months.

Once it has enough volume, we will be able to see the token on larger higher volume exchanges.

In the meantime, our primary focus as an organization is to develop and deliver an excellent product which will exceed all expectations once we release the beta in Q3 of 2019”, said Fetalino.

First Growth Funds Ltd has introduced Blockchain Global founder and CEO, Sam Lee, to Acudeen to assist with the facilitation, distribution and development of the ACU Tokens as per the agreement.

This partnership ensures that the system being developed is in line with Acudeen’s vision of developing a decentralized ecosystem for movable assets, thereby creating a new industry for emerging markets.

Through this initiative, small to medium sized enterprise owners would see faster growth on a macro-economic scale by providing accessible financing to these business at rates cheaper than traditional SME financing.

First Growth Funds manages a diverse portfolio of investments including companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, companies seeking investment ahead of an initial public offering, blockchain and ICO investments.

The First Growth Fund’s board is made up of experienced commercial and investment executives.

Their group has invested in a number of blockchain and ICO deals including Global Guard, Crypto Data Vault, Bankorus and Lympo, and are activility looking to expand their portfolio in 2018.

The next few months would be critical for Acudeen, and this partnership would ensure that there is good enough support to back up its efforts as it develops the ecosystem as well as its platform which utilizes a permissioned blockchain to protect its consumers’ interests, to prevent fraud and to incentivize them for integrity

Absolutely no kidding here.

Kidney disease, especially End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), is already the 7th leading cause of death among the Filipinos. One Filipinos dies of kidney failure every hour. For patients with ESRD, a kidney transplant is often the only hope for survival. The number of patients with ESPRD in the country is increasing. Unfortunately, the number of living and deceased kidney donors remains dismally low.

The coalition REGALO Organ Donation Advocacy spearheaded by Maria Corazon Torres Y Javier (MOTJ) Foundation, the Kidney Foundation of the Philippines, Kidney Transplant Association of the Philippines (KITAP) and Novartis Healthcare Philippines is geared towards raising awareness on organ donation with the hope of encouraging men and women to: GIVE, CARE & SHARE, which is to: GIVE of themselves through organ donation; CARE enough to sign up and become a willing organ donor; and to SHARE what they have done with their family and friends.

REGALO Organ Donation Advocacy has as its partner the National Kidney and Transplant Institute (NKTI) the leading government tertiary renal referral center that prioritizes kidney transplantation as the best form of renal replacement therapy. Recipients of kidney transplantation are able to become fully rehabilitated having the highest quality of life and the highest survival rate compared to those on peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis.

Behold God’s glory

And seek His mercy.

Pause and pray, people.