On flying voters in Manila -- there will be more

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IT seems that the Commission on Elections (Comelec) will be having its hands full investigating the
alleged huge number of flying voters at least in so far as two major cities are concerned -- Pasay
and Manila.
Just after exposing that about 1,500 flying voters were able to register in Pasay City
using, among others, a station of the Light Rail Transit (LRT) as address, election lawyer Romy
Macalintal again came out with a startling revelation -- the presence of 161 flying voters in the
vote-rich area of Binondo.
Macalintal assisted Barangay Chairman Domingo Vacal and Councilor Ramon Cheng in filing a
case at the Manila City Prosecutor’s Office against the said flying voters. The complaint came
after a thorough investigation by the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group which also issued
a certification that the flying voters concerned indeed, were not occupants in the address they
gave. The same certification also stated that the flying voters were actually residents in Navotas,
who, Vacal said, were paid P1,000 after registering in Manila and again, after voting.
Comelec Spokesman James Jimenez said the Comelec is now in the process of verifying those
who registered using false information.
As posted on social media by reporter Ron Gagalac, Jimenez  had this to say on alleged
“flying voters” in Manila City: There will be more. As we did before, pupuntahan ’yan, we will
check out the addresses that were mentioned to have been used incorrectly, and tingnan natin kung
mae-exclude ang mga iyan.”
Chairman Vacal said the 161 ‘flying voters’ were registered under Bgy. 269, Zone 25,
District 3 in Manila but when the address given, Zosima Building, was visited, they were greeted by
padlocked doors, storage rooms and super small housing units.
Vacal said that another chairman, Kris Hispano, called him up in November last year and
called his attention regarding a bunch of suspected flying voters who were dropping his name.
Wasting no time, Vacal proceeded to the place where the said flying voters were temporarily
held, along with their recruiter. Vacal, who had been a resident in his area of jurisdiction for
over 50 years,  verified and found out that the said people were not residents in his barangay nor
residents in the building. The case proceeded from there.
Macalintal said the result of the CIDG’s probe showed that the “respondents (had) never
been residents of Galvan and Zosima buildings nor even became boarders of the same (and) that a
group with (a) political purpose facilitated, influenced or even financed these persons for their
own benefit (and even) considered (them) as flying voters (who) could be utilized in the
forthcoming barangay election.”  
Macalintal is right in calling on the Comelec to visit the local voters’ lists, stressing
the need to have them purged, as this could affect the results of an election.            
“Dito sa Manila na lamang, 890 barangays lang (it’s actually 897), maka-flying voters ka
lang ng average na sampung bo-tante bawat barangay, that’s 8,900 flying voters already. Nu’ng past
election, ang difference ng nanalo ay nasa 2,000 lamang,” Macalintal pointed out.
These flying voters and those responsible for their registration using bogus details should
be punished to the fullest extent of the law to serve them a lesson and to warn others not to even
attempt to follow suit. A real good look into who these persons may have been in cahoots with, all
the way to the Comelec if any, must also be done. Those found guilty must be dealt with more severe
punishment for betraying the public office to which they belong.              
Could Jimenez be correct in saying ‘there will be more?’ I suggest he interview certain
personalities in the Chinatown area and find out that indeed, there are more, in that area alone. 
Heard at least two buildings there house at least 1,000 flying voters. I’m willing to bet on
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