Moving forward

  • Written by Dulce Reyes
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Women talk

Now that we are into 2018, it is time to make those New Year resolutions work out.

One of these, I hope, is to move on, learn from the mistakes or lessons from the past, and to act for the good of all. We are, after all, still living in a democratic noisy country and this is good for our various freedoms, like the freedom of speech.

One of the things I will try to really work on is to be more mindful of the present moment and to also be mindful of the rights of others within my milieu. It is but right.

Many times, we think of so many things and we forget that right in front of us people are needing our help, and therefore we should try to act accordingly.

When we become mindful, we become focused and attentive so that our actions are carefully monitored. When we want to lose our temper while driving due to the traffic situation, we become mindful of how it is making us stressful and irritated.

We are aware that when we become stressed, this will affect our health and allergies may appear. By staying focused, we will be aware of why there is such a traffic situation so we will try to avoid this by, well, waking up earlier or passing by other routes. I know this is easily said than done but do we have a choice?
I do my share in helping improve the traffic situation by constantly writing about how we can do something to alleviate the sufferings of motorists and commuters alike.             Remember my past columns where I was suggesting to field more traffic enforcers every hundred of meters or so? I believe this will work because vehicles who tend to linger will be forced by these enforcers to keep on moving.
The presence of traffic enforcers along the entire route of EDSA, for example, will make bus and PUJ drivers load and unload passengers at designated stops and not at the whim of the driver or demanding commuters.
I have seen these selfish drivers and commuters get in and out in the middle of EDSA to the detriment of the smooth flow of vehicles.
Now if there are these enforcers, the drivers will not heed the requests of these passengers to get off just anywhere. Being mindful is being aware of others. Being mindful is respecting the many instead of following the wishes of a few unconcerned passengers.
I wrote before that our culture is somewhat damaged because of our lack of discipline and care for others. Well, with the new year, it is time to change.
If we want to move on and be a prosperous nation, let us think of what will be good for the street of EDSA, and eventually our nation by making ourselves practice this culture of mindfulness.
Then we can say that we are on the road to moving forward to becoming  disciplined, mindful and prosperous citizens. What do you think? Do you agree?