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The program of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy on television, “Kingdom of Jesus Christ,” is seen all over the world. It’s a dedicated TV channel for his evangelization; and it is the cheapest way to broadcast. Using the commercial TV stations owned by private corporations charge exorbitant rates. A 30-second plugging can cost anywhere from P300K to P500K pesos, which was the rate for the election campaign spots. An hour show can cost into the millions of pesos.

Would it not be wiser for the government to dedicate a station for the Office of the President, the Senate and Congress? I see so many TV slots on Skycable with “reserve” waiting for a program to rent the airspace.

Actually PTV4 could also be used for Congressional hearings for it’s a government owned station. It has a wide coverage in the entire country, picked up in almost all the provinces. The only drawback I can see is Channel 4 or PTV4 is not seen abroad. That’s the advantage of ANC of ABS-CBN and GMA Channel 7. These TV stations are seen worldwide; their programs beamed via satellite. But the government can also have its own TV broadcast seen worldwide. I suggest that a dialogue with Pastor Apollo Quiboloy or those in-charge of his programming to get more factual information could help a lot. The idea is for the government to have its own Channel dedicated to government affairs on matters important for the people to know; and be guided by. The commercial TV stations can likewise cover as public service in their news. Kasi po, may hearing sa Congress pinuputol and given to a reporter on the beat to report. But the hearings speak for itself. No need to report while ongoing.


Just an idea: Maybe the Dengvaxia vaccine should have been tested on those who volunteered na nasa death row or on life imprisonment. If they survive, spare them from the death penalty. If they die, then there is nothing we can do for he committed murder, rape and other very serious crimes. This is assuming if we have the death penalty which we do not have. Pero what I am trying to say is: sana criminals ang binakunahan at hindi ang innocent minor children without parental consent. Sabi nga ni President Duterte: “I will kill you if you destroy our children,” or something to that effect.

In other countries, there are sick people who volunteer to take part on a newly discovered medicine which could address their particular illness such as for cancer research.
There is a scare tactic that can scare drug users out of their wits. All this government can announce is: Drug users caught will be vaccinated with Dengvaxia. Believe me, that will scare the hell out of those drug addicts. Who knows, Dengvaxia might cure their bad habits!
Reward the criminals in prison for serious crimes who voluntarily agree to subject themselves to an untested vaccine which normally are tested on rats before it is tested on human beings. The prisoners serving for life imprisonment could be shortened for public service. In other countries, there are sick people who volunteer to take part on a newly discovered medicine which addresses their particular illness such as for cancer research. We can in fact call them unknown heroes for the sake of humanity.

Garbage problem in Boracay: It was shown on TV the mountain of garbage dumped in a dumpsite in Boracay like Payatas. But such dumpsite is more critical on a tiny island by the sea for it sips through the ground polluting the seawater. However, it is also said that there exist septic tank problems in that tiny island resort as well as in its drainage system.
I suggest to call on Architect Felino A. Palafox, Jr., an expert on such problems. But before you do that, there are two things that must be addressed: I heard that there is a ban in our 1987 Constitution against incinerator. Why? Maybe then, our politicians were conscious of the so-called “Ozone layer” now constantly bombarded by missiles into space; or big money to haul them. But there are great improvements discovered in Australia of incinerator that do not emit smoke and do not harm the Ozone layer. I’ve known about it since the 1990s. The ban is obsolete. As then PCSO Chairman during President Ramos’ term, the PCSO (with the OP approval) donated an incinerator for medical wastes to the East Avenue Medical Center. Their request was granted by the President because hospital wastes were being buried in shallow holes in Laguna. Rats bring the diseases in the homes.
The other issue which needs amending in our 1987 Constitution is the ban on having nuclear plants for power generation. How can we be an industrialized nation without a nuclear plant? President Marcos had foresight. The nuclear plant built in Bataan was among the best and safest in the world, constructed by Westinghouse. Just when it was going to be switched on, the 1987 Constitution banned it. What happened? The years of 12 to 15 hour daily brownouts happened for the first few years of President Cory Aquino, only to be solved by President Ramos when he took over. It was a terrible time in our history that many will not forget.
I suggest that Congress explore these two problems imbedded in the 1987 Constitution that have frustrated our development, employment and progress. Review these two banned provisions. Ask our neighboring countries and other countries in the western world how they’ve solved their waste disposal and electrical power generation on their way to industrialization.
The coming in of solar power can surely help. But lift the bans on nuclear power and incinerator which can help clean our environment and free our people from diseases and epidemics caused by pollutions. We have an unhealthy population that needs some fixing. Ask Australia, Japan, Shanghai, Singapore, Hongkong and other big cities worldwide how they are addressing the garbage and sufficient electric power supply for industrialization. As of now, no one is even exploring these possibilities because they are prohibited in our defective 1987 Constitution. Period.
The Constitution is meant to address the future, not the past. It must be a “living” Constitution, not a dead one.
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