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Impeachment complaint vs DU30 a big dud

  • Written by Mario Fetalino Jr.
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I BELIEVE the Toll Regulatory Board should already intervene how  the Coastal Road is being managed.

Coastal Road is in a big mess and its management can’t seem to find the right solution to the problem.
The problem is that traffic is always stalled at the toll gates which obviously lack sufficient booths to accommodate the growing volume of  motorists.
Instead of putting up more booths, even the temporary ones being installed in other tolled highways when the volume surges, the management uses security guards to guide motorists on what lanes to choose from.
This scheme was adopted by the management because obviously the motorists are confused what lanes to use when they start crowding at the toll gates.
This is not the first time this concern was raised against the management. Despite causing a lot of inconvenience to the riding public, it has done nothing sensible to improve the situation in Coastal Road.
The stubborn management can’t seem to understand that the only solution is to employ more personnel to accept toll fees during high volume hours.

* * *
The impeachment complaint against President Rodrigo Duterte turned out to be a big dud.
With this, detractors of  President Duterte should finally put a stop on the mudslinging against the present  government.
They should already refrain from throwing baseless accusations at Duterte and instead  support his programs that are starting to bring progress in the country.

The complaint was an utter failure, meaning  majority of the House members don’t believe in the charges hurled against the President.  Thus, there is no more point in further harming the current leadership.
Time for the House to move on and focus on its more important task of legislating measures that can help the administration  achieve its goal of improving the lives of our people.
Laws are needed to enable the government improve its tax collection system and finance the planned massive infrastructure program envisioned by economic managers to bring inclusive growth.
This government needs lawmakers to help it face challenges in enriching the peoples’ coffers, build more roads, bridges and schools and provide employment to our people.
The country is already reaping the fruits of the drive against criminality as shown by the much improved confidence of investors to put their money in our country.
Our  economy is the fastest rising in the region owing to the determined policy of the government to make this country a safe place not only for its people but for businesses as well.
Due to lack of substance, the House of Representatives dismissed the other day the impeachment complaint filed by Magdalo Party-list Rep. Gary Alejano who accused Duterte of masterminding the alleged extrajudicial killings in the country.  Supported by known Duterte critic Sen. Antonio Trillanes, Alejano also charged the Chief Executive of amassing ill-gotten wealth.
Efforts to discredit the programs of Duterte could be getting attention from a small misinformed portion of the globe but the Philippine leader continues to be the ‘beacon of great genuine  reform’ in the country.
The impeachment complaint against Duterte did not prosper because he has high public acceptance.
With frank leadership, Duterte  is ridding government of bad eggs, drawing more investments, giving jobs to more Filipinos, and making public places safer.
Can we let go of a President like Digong? Of course not.

* * *

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