‘Healing Mass’

  • Written by Manuel L. Morato
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Last November 5, the first Sunday of the month, the Liberals (what else can I call them, short of
saying that I do not like them) held “a rally to pray and whisper to the heart of Jesus to forgive us,
the nation that sinned against Him.”

My advice to them is to pray for themselves for that small group that attended were there, not
to pray for EJK but to do more harm to the entire country through destabilization of the government.  
‘Yang panahon ng panlilinlang is over.  Your group must  shed off your hypocritical stance.  It’s long
It was well planned (on a Sunday of all days) knowing that more people would attend to hear
mass and scoot out after the mass.  People went there to hear mass, not to show hatred and anger as
the other participants did.  The affair was pure and simple harassment that did not work.  It was a
part-time job for those who were enticed.  The “bonus” was attractive enough for them to attend.
“Nong mabuko ang organizers na konting tao lang ang dumating, sabi ni Risa Hontiveros
Baraquel: “There were less people because of lack of budget.  So pera pera na naman pala.  Money is
what fuels this group to demonstrate.  It’s a common practice in this country.  In the past, the DSWD
(under you know who) spent hundreds of millions to gather big crowds.  Instead of helping the poor,
“help” were given to those who can shout and do some silly gestures of anger; and stage a play in open
air. Even the young children were not spared, among them that 14 year old na batang babae who was
cloned by Hontiveros to be a “Rosemary’s Baby.”  Where are her parents?  Are they happy for what their
child did?  Ano bang ikinagagalit niya?  Alam ba niya kung totoo ang pinagsasabi ni Risa sa kanya?  
The children are the most vulnerable and impressionable ones.  They even believe what they see in the
movies as true to life, even if it’s fiction.  They must be protected from mental abuse.
I am really saddened for what is going on.  I have never been one who can be dragged into
rallies composed of people who are there to be in the limelight at umaarte at magpasikat.  Risa
Hontiveros Baraquel grew up in that environment, acting on stage plays before.  She led a life of
In Edsa I, I refused to participate in the rallies.  Likewise in Edsa II.  I did not believe
in the intentions of the participants.  Most of them were only putting on a front.  I am not one who
can be enticed to do something that I believe is wrong.
I do not appreciate seeing the religious on the streets demonstrating and expressing their
distorted sense of “fighting corruption,” “fighting EJK,” fight the government as if those bishops,
priests, nuns… can give us a better country.  They should overhaul their nasty ways first and prove to
us that they are truly children of God and apostles of Christ here on earth.
Do they have to go out to the streets to show off, cause traffic and inconvenience the public
to pray in full view of the media?  I do not believe the Lord will grant what they are asking for –
for not being humble, honest, sincere and truthful.  Does it have to be done in the streets?  Don’t
they believe in the power of prayers from deep in their hearts, in the peace and quiet of your homes,
chapels and churches?  Why not have a special mass on a regular day to ask God for what you are truly
praying for?  Your intentions must be pure for the Lord to grant your wishes.
Everytime some bishops, nuns, priests and “seminarians” with “novitiates” hold a rally, I look
at the faces of those so-called politicians and ex-politicians with them who do not even believe in
the existence of God.  They do not even know how to pray.  They are there for their own bad and
selfish intentions – for their own good.

They claim that there is “no political color” in said “Healing Mass,” but the faces of those
present say it all; stale na like expired canned goods.
It was not nice what they did in claiming the picture of the El Shaddai crowd at the Quirino
Grandstand para lokohin ang mga mamamayan na malaki ‘yong crowd na dumalo.  Pero sino naman ang
maniniwala?  Sa Edsa sila nag-rally, pero ang picture na inilabas nila ay ‘yong grupo ng El Shaddai sa
Rizal Park.
Let’s shed off hypocrisy for it’s a sin Christ never forgave for all sins emanate from it.  A
hypocrite is an evil person, holistically speaking.  A hypocrite has absolutely no morals, no breeding
nor remorse nor compunction to avoid wrong-doings.  A hypocrite is a liar, corrupt, dishonest, immoral
and all the sinful things you can think of.  It calls for restitution before God Himself alone can
forgive sins that require restitution.
Sabi nga ng isang matandang babae na kaibigan ko, may pumunta daw na politician sa Quiapo
Church and prayed to Our Lord Jesus Christ nailed on the cross for stealing so much money while in
public service.  Christ whispered in his ears and said: Kung hindi lang ako nakapako, sisipain kita.
Yes, it is only a joke, but so apropos to hypocrites.  May laman, ika nga.

P.S. Just a thought: Can’t the 10 member nations of ASEAN, together, do something to alleviate
the sufferings of the Rohingyas of Myanmar are going through?
In the meantime that the territorial disputes are being resolved in the West Philippine Sea or
the Spratly Islands, can’t the members of ASEAN agree to allow the Rohingyas to temporarily stay in
those contested islands for humanitarian reasons?
It would be plausible if the 10 member nations could help in making even 2 tiny islands
livable with temporary structures.
With ten member nations helping to make a contested island or two livable, just to keep the
poor Rohingyas alive,  I am sure China and President Trump would both agree to give an extra hand.
It’s just a thought out of concern for the terrible and inhuman hardships the unwanted
Rohingyas are going through.       
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