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Despite all those students who’ve died through the years the harsh and cruel initiation rites they had to go through just to belong to a fraternity continue to this day. Horacio “Atio” Castillo III was its latest victim.

I need not explain what had happened for the Senate investigation has thoroughly covered what happened in its investigation/hearings, where it happened, what had happened and how Atio died.

What is very clear is that there is an omerta amongst the members of a fraternity; and among the candidates who wish to be a member. There is a bond of secrecy among them which the fraternity members live up to, even after they have passed the bar exams. As lawyers, they protect each other – right or wrong.

It is very difficult to understand why acts of brutality have to be inflicted on those who want to be a member of a fraternity. What exactly are they trying to prove? Is it to toughen the members before they become practicing lawyers? Why? Do they have to be tough as a bull to be a lawyer?

The only “advantage” I can see in being a member of a fraternity is that certain sense of false security that should they get into trouble as practicing lawyers their fraternity brods come to their rescue – including Fiscals and Judges; government officials and associates.
For those who survive the cruel hazing inflicting so much harm on their fellow students, the members bind themselves together when one of them gets into trouble. It’s prohibited to squeal among the members. They do not differentiate right from wrong. Basta fraternity brod, they defend each other even if a brod commits a crime. Hindi na po tama ‘yan.
I, too, went through hazing as a freshman student at Loyola University of Los Angeles – a Jesuit university. Hazing was not harmful. The upper classmen just humbled us and deflated our egos (if any) in the sense that all of us and my classmates were subjected to chores such as making us their errand boys, wash and iron their laundries, shine their shoes, etc… Ginawa kaming mga alila nila for one whole week to make us lose our pride. But there were more laughters than anything else. It was all for fun.
Dito sa ating bansa, sobra naman. Parang mga hayop na ang trato sa gustong maging members ng fraternity. So many have died and continue to die. What a waste of young lives. One must be criminally inclined to inflict so much harm or torture on another human being; a classmate and a friend at that. They should not even do that to animals.
What now? To those who tortured and killed Atio Castillo: what kind of future do they have ahead of them? Was it fun while it lasted? Some will most probably land in jail.
I pity the parents of the victims as I pity the parents of the executioners.
Can’t these fraternities think of doing less harmful ways in their so-called initiations? What kind of human values are gained by inflicting brutalities on its hazing? I have known some women members of sororities and I must say, matapang sila at mahilig makipag-away at ayaw patalo. Kulang na lang magpa sex change at mas matatapang pa kaysa sa mga lalaki. Kawawa ang mga asawa – kung may asawa!
I am sure you have seen some of them in government service before – those who behave na parang sira ang ulo.

On Tuesday’s issue, I will comment on the so-called “Healing Mass” held at Edsa last November 5 that did not heal the participants at all, both the religious and their cohorts. Just seeing their faces, I doubt if the Holy Spirit would even go near them. It’s the same old faces; like expired canned goods.
I wish to remind the bishops, priests, nuns, “seminarians” and “novitiates” parang hindi yata sila tunay. Mukhang naka costume lang galing sa CCP na ginagamit sa mga plays. Remember, hypocrisy is one sin Christ never forgave.
I will tell you why!
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