Generoso naturally, inevitably

  • Written by Dennis F. Fetalino
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Ped xing

When you have the ears of Supreme Court Justices, senators, and even Presidents, you must be talking sense.

Lots of sense.

Conrado “Ding” I. Generoso, our elementary valedictorian, should only do so.

His intellect and gift of gab and moral rectitude /testicular fortitude took him to his rightful place in the scheme of things---political and historical.

The guy has finally found his intellectual harbor, his occupational oasis.

A lifetime of preparation landed him his dream job---technical assistant and spokesperson of the Presidential Consultative Committee to review the 1987 Constitution.

In reality, Generoso is more than what his job title defines him to be but his appointment to the presidential body is like tossing a duck to the pond. It is his natural habitat, his preferred playground.

A former People’s Journal columnist and National Press Club director, his appointment to the committee is a foregone conclusion since he has worked for retired SC CJ Reynato Puno, who chairs the collegial body.

His being qualified for the job is a gross understatement and an intellectual embarrassment, for the guy prepared for his singular role since childhood.

And Ped Xing only knows this too well because we were childhood pals and classmates at the same University of the East.

It is with exuberant confidence to say here that Ding has been at it---mightily and solitarily trying to reshape government, change society and stir the country’s destiny to its correct course.

And he carries a portfolio of a broad spectrum of perspectives.

You see, the guy has been around---been there, done stuff, and left an impressive intellectual footprint everywhere.

A non-lawyer, and like me a college dropout, Ding may not be a cunningly linguist, but he is a master debater, turning unlikely platforms into a deliberative venue---CMLI, UE Dawn, CEGP, NPC etc.

He leisurely swings from Journalism to public relations to government service and back.

He also works for an economic think tank, local government chief executives, lawmakers, cabinet secretaries and even Presidents.

Thus, with his current assignment under Puno at the Con-Com, it maybe broadly said that he has straddled all the main branches of government.

Engaging judicial institutions and authorities is nothing new to the guy because he serially appeared before courts and made manifestations, filed petitions on various vital public interests and issues in the past. Yes, he did all these while he was just a student at UE.

Even the government corporate sector was not unfamiliar terrain to him. Ding was also once a public affairs department chief of Pagcor under the Ramos administration and GSIS under the first Aquino administration.

Ding’s taking on a pivotal role at the Con-Com is so natural as it is inevitable.

“ Chance favors the prepared mind,“ said Pasteur.

And he’s enjoying his dip into the ultimate deliberative pool.

What can the guy not do after the Con-Com, what is he up to next?


One thing is certain though: Generoso would be moving around like the Energizer Bunny.

Behold God’s glory

And seek His mercy

Pause and pray, people