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‘From the sublime to the ridiculous’

  • Written by Paul M. Gutierrez
  • Published in Opinion
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Paul's alarm

IN the maze of news grabbing everybody’s attention these days, among those that caught yours truly’s attention is that of the claim by the CPP-NPA-NDFP that the government of PDU30 (read: the AFP) is “plotting” to have CPP founder, Prof. Jose Maria Sison “assassinated” and that, a coup d’etat against Pres. Digong, instigated by the American CIA, is just about ready to be staged.

The claims reminded of the phrase, attributed to one of the world’s ‘greatest military ‘captain,’ Napoleon Bonaparte and ‘Enlightenment’ writer, Thomas Paine, which is: “From the sublime to the ridiculous, it is only one step” (Napoleon) and from Paine (Age of Reason):

“The sublime and the ridiculous are often so nearly related, that it is difficult to class them separately. One step above the sublime, makes the ridiculous; and one step above the ridiculous, makes the sublime again.”

If “sublime” is a ‘positive’ word synonymous with, “excellence” and “grandeur,” “ridiculous” is a ‘negative’ word taken from the Latin word, ‘ridiculum’ (joke) and also synonymous with the words, “mock,” “deride.”

For really, dear readers, there is nothing “grand” or “sublime” in these claims for their utter lack of credibility that instead of awe, they can only invite ridicule and mockery.

Despite the preposterousness of the accusation, this also reminded yours truly of the “mindset” that has possessed the leaders of the defunct Soviet Union (USSR), from the time of Lenin (1917) up to its breakup under Gorbachev in 1991: the existence of an unceasing “conspiracy” by the “imperialist camp” to kill the leaders of the Bolsheviks on the one hand and on the other, the dissolution of the USSR.
In other words, it pained yours truly to realize that, up to now, when so much of the “concrete situation” has changed, the local leaders of the Philippine revolutionary movement remain similarly trapped in a mindset or “world view” that harkens back to the days when the hunting and killing of communist leaders and members is just another “sports” enthusiastically followed by state security forces.
Today, the pressing issue is the sincerity of the revolutionary Left as regards the peace talks. And the peace talks cannot be successful if the CPP leadership are well and alive to sign the final peace agreement. So, why kill them, to begin with, aber?
Pres. Duterte wants a peace agreement and insofar as the AFP under chief of staff Gen. Ed Año is concerned, the military is also all for it.
Indeed, to most people’s mind, everybody is for peace -- except the leaders of the underground movement -- as shown by the unending attacks by the NPA against our soldiers, policemen and business enterprises already unwilling to give their due as “revolutionary tax.”
(There is too, of course, this other ridiculous “demand” by the Left to “lift” martial rule in Mindanao, which, anyway anyone puts it, is aiding the cause of the terrorist ISIS in the latter’s vain attempt to carve out a separate ‘Islamic State’ in that part of the country).
(Greater chaos arising from the untimely lifting of martial law is of course a “welcome development” to the underground movement who view the matter of any social crisis as a “revolutionary situation.”)
It is the answer to this question -- are you (CPP/NPA/NDFP) for peace or not -- that everybody wants to hear an answer -- and unable to do so for fear of embarrassing themselves, they are now raising the bogey of assassination and military coup to skirt making a direct reply.
‘From the sublime to the ridiculous,’ indeed!

Resignation is no excuse to avoid prosecution
While I am typing this piece, dear readers, I got the news that all Customs officials (read: Grupong Magdalo) have tendered their courtesy resignation -- not irrevocable resignation -- to Malacañang.    

While some people may find the move as “proof” of their “integrity” and “innocence” of the charges against them -- they are either incompetent or corrupt -- as summed up by Sen. Dick Gordon, most waterfront observers opined that there is nothing to it, really.
Translation? “Palabas lang lahat ’yan,” aguy, aguy, aguy!
For the fact of the matter is, until such time their resignations have been accepted, they would remain in their posts. Kumbaga, “tuloy pa rin ang ligaya,” hehehe!
But then, if the report on Wednesday that three “similar cylinders” (similar to those that contained the 605 kilos of shabu found at a warehouse in Valenzuela City last May) left behind by two “Taiwanese” who rented a house in Sampaloc, Manila, turned out to also contain shabu and also found to have been part of the busted shipment, what more proof of incompetence by the Magdalos (never mind corruption) do we need, people?
As of this writing, PDEA has already taken custody of the cylinders and presumably it is now under ‘forensic examination’ to check for shabu residue even as how the heck these cylinders ended up in that house is also being pursued.
Kung lumabas nga sa imbestigasyon na “kasama” ang mga ito sa mga pinalusot, err, nakalusot sa BoC, eh, parang “kastilyong buhangin” na “guguho” ang “depensa” ng Grupong Magdalo na hindi sila dapat sisihin sa paglusot ng shabu sa ating mga pantalan, hindi ba, mga kabayan?
If everybody’s suspicion is validated, then Pres. Duterte should not only sack his entire appointees at the BoC headed by Comm. Nick Faeldon.
PDU30 should also order their prosecution as their “incompetence” (again never mind the issue of corruption) in the running of the agency aided in the unstoppable flow of illegal drugs into the country.
If the rule of law is to be followed, dear readers, the reported mass resignation of the Magdalos at the BoC should not exempt them from criminal prosecution, period!