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LAST week’s column where I gave way to several email-senders, who shared their thoughts on the
controversy now rocking the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), drew more emails from loyal
basketball fans.

And as usual, I tried to give my five cents’ worth on the issues being raised.

Dear Mr. Andaya,
Now that the cat is out in the bag and that the thin lines separating the 12 PBA teams have
been drawn, I propose that we adopt a new but more interesting format for next year’s PBA All Star
Game. Forget about the old and boring South vs North or Veterans vs Rookies/Sophomores formats.
We all  know what I’m talking about and it’s what the fans would like to see now — San Miguel
Corp. vs MVP Group of Companies All-Star Showdown.
We can have the five best players from SMC teams (San Miguel, Ginebra,  Star) against their
counterparts from MVP teams (Talk N Text, Meralco, NLEX).  
What do you think?
-- Imaginative PBA fan

Dear Imaginative PBA fan,
I admire your  imagination. It could really be a  blockbuster offering by the league now on
its 43rd year.
The league can instantly turn all the  negative energies brought about by the controversy into
positive ones.
Rivalry, after all, makes the game even better. Remember Crispa-Toyota in the late 70s?         
And I can think of one good place to hold such  unique game  -- Philippine Arena.
How to make these  two feuding groups to sit  together and talk  about it?
Seriously, I don’t know. And I don’t know either if  UCC-Ortigas is the right place to hold
such unity talks.

Dear Sir,
I  read somewhere that President Duterte’s  intervention to the current PBA crisis is being
sought by several individuals. Is it really necessary  or a  case of over-reaction?
-- Concerned Du30 fan

 Dear Concerned  Du30 fan,
You’re right  calling President Duterte’s intervention to the PBA crisis is an overkill.
The PBA may be a house divided right now but the PBA Board is composed of sports-minded
gentlemen who can rise above their personal differences and work together for good of the league.
Asking President Duterte to dip his hands in the PBA crisis is like asking him to meddle in a
fight between a husband and a wife, which is something we all don’t like to do.

Dear Mr. Editor,
Thank you for replying to my email-letter last week. I have long thought about your advise to
buy a PBA team and persuade team owners to kick out PBA commissioner Chito Narvasa.
But in as much as I don’t have the money to buy one, I guess I have to be content in making
some  noise for now.
So, if   Narvasa must go, who do you think should replace him?
-- S. B Quezon City

Dear S.B.,
I  heard a lot of names being floated as possible replacement for Narvasa, if and when he will
be replaced at all. Most of them are household names already -- former PBA commissioners Chito Salud,
Noli  Eala and Sonny Barrios, Chino Trinidad, Charlie Favis, JB Baylon, Chito Loyzaga and Jolly Gomez.
Why, there’s even one with the  same initial as you.  Are they better than Narvasa? Are they
more diplomatic and fan-friendly than Narvasa?  
We can never tell.  But frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.

*   *   *   

Congratulations  to Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) chairman Danny Lim,  MBT head
Bonnie Tan,  PBA legend Pido Jarencio and the members of  the organizing committee  for the  
successful MBT 24-under competition, which is now on its semifinal phase.
The tournament, which is participated in   by 14 teams divided into South and North Divisions,
is a regular crowd-drawer in select cities since its Sept. 10 opening.
Making  it to the semis of the two-month long event  are Quezon City, San Juan,  Manila and
Navotas in the North; and Mandaluyong,  Las Pinas,  MMDA and Pateros in the South.
Surprisingly, Marikina and PAranaque, the  top  two teams in the 16-under  tournament   held
last summer,  failed to reach the smeis this time.     
And  judging  from the  crowd support of  all the teams, the championship  games should be a

NOTES  --  Belated happy birthday to  well-known baseball/softball  patron  Robert
Evangelista,  who  celebrated last Nov. 4; and PBA legend-coach Turo Valenzona, who turned  another
year older last Nov. 5.

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