Fintech start-up breaks out with $35-M token sale

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“The real losers are those who are afraid of winning they won’t even give it a try.”

—  Little Miss Sunshine

Bursting at the seams, a local financial technology start-up is breaking out of its domestic shell and boldly breasting into regional markets to grow its pioneering and booming liquidity gap-bridging business.

The move, a giant stride, to be sure, is a natural business instinct to tap both emerging and still growing economies and markets in Southeast Asia and beyond.

Acudeen Technologies Inc. ‘s expansion overdrive is being steered by its young, aggressive, and visionary founder and head honcho Mario Jordan “Magellan” Fetalino III and Chairman Januario Jesus Atencio, a well-diversified tycoon.

The duo forged a powerhouse business synergy that is propelling  Acudeen to previously uncharted territory.
And they are leaving a trail of success every step of the way.
Consider this latest corporate feat:
(Raffles Hotel, Singapore) - Acudeen, a marketplace that empowers financial inclusion through selling invoices ahead of their maturity date for liquidity is proud to announce the launch of its Public Token Sale amounting to $35 Million this April. The company’s token sale operations are based  here where it established its regional office in early 2018.
Acudeen Technologies Chairman Januario Jesus Atencio says, “the ACU tokens serve as our answer to the growing demand for our services outside of our current consumer market. The purpose of our token sale is to accelerate more businesses with our services in the coming years through this revolutionary technology.”
Acudeen’s current model in place already utilizes advanced methods of validating transactions. Tokenizing their services in a new ecosystem design further allows the company to bring financial inclusion to other parts of the world. The premise of the new system uses three main drivers: The AssetChain Platform, a permissioned blockchain which stores all transaction data,
The ACU Tokens which are used to avail of services within the platform, and CryptoFIAT, Acudeen’s intuitive solution to completing invoice purchases using cryptocurrency. With this technology, the value of the cryptocurrency being used to transact represents an equivalent amount of FIAT money securely stored in a trusted account leveraged by the AssetChain Platform, therefore saving time and avoiding exorbitant fees otherwise incurred using traditional methods.
Integrated with the Stellar, its functionality addresses the issues of liquidity and expensive cross-border invoice purchases through blockchain and cryptocurrencies, making transactions faster with minimal fees. Stellar’s design is advantageous as their protocol does not require Turing-complete based applications for smart contracts, or more commonly known as chain codes in the Hyperledger context, thereby preventing exploitation in their system.  
Meanwhile, the AssetChain’s Hyperledger fabric provides transaction confidentiality. Using a permissioned blockchain, data may only be shared to participants involved in the transaction. This helps protect their sensitive information both to possible competitors and to the public.
The ACU Token Team envisions a means for financial inclusion that facilitates verification, hassle-free transactions, cross-border purchasing and better incentivization. With ACU, business owners are empowered even more by being given the flexibility to choose when they want to complete purchases. The company views this as a unique opportunity to both adopt modern technology and to rapidly scale towards their company’s mission beyond the fame, the glory and the profits -- to support and generate financial inclusion amongst small business owners and to give them the opportunity they otherwise won’t have being tied to current bureaucracies and archaic systems.
The Private Sale for the ACU Tokens are currently ongoing and will last until Sunday, April 8, 2018 at 12:00 a.m. (GMT +8:00), while the token will be available to the general public for purchase on Monday, April 9, 2018 at 12:00 a.m. (GMT+8:00) until Friday, April 30, 2018 at 12:00 a.m. (GMT+8:00).
Interested parties may view the Whitepaper and apply for the whitelist via their website at tokensale.acudeen.com and follow them on their social media accounts:
Twitter: twitter.com/TeamAcudeen
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/acudeencommunity
Telegram: t.me/AcuTokenGroup
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