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Fatherhood at 70 years old

  • Written by Bro. Clifford T. Sorita
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Our best kept secret

AT 70, veteran broadcast journalist Jimmy Gil did not expect to father a child. And why would he? He already has five grown-ups from his first marriage. When his first wife passed and he remarried, the topic of having kids was never discussed. But to his and everyone’s surprise, he now has a healthy nine-month-old baby girl named Anna Cristina.

In a testimonial luncheon hosted by Mr. Benson U. Sian (President/CEO of Nattural Quality Corporation); Dr. Emil Aligui (herbs and medicinal plants expert), explains that male infertility is a condition related to incapacity to have children.  “The most common cause is stress, which reduces a man’s testosterone level, leading to impotence due to erectile dysfunction. The next common cause is exposure of the testis to high temperatures leading to shortened sperm lifespan,” tells Dr. Aligui.

Dr. Aligui adds, “Sperm count, motility, and morphology are also things to consider in male infertility. The magic number is 60 million and no lower than that is necessary for fertilization. Motility should be fast and morphology must be normal.”  Good nutrition, rest, acupuncture, and stress management, such as yoga are some of the suggested ways to treat low sperm and motility.

Jimmy’s youngest daughter took seven years in the making. “To be honest, it wasn’t on the agenda ... My attitude towards food supplement is it helps me keep my overall health not necessarily along the line of baby production,” opens Jimmy.

The real reason Jimmy started taking the food supplement (developed and manufactured by the Nattural Quality Corporation) was based on a friend’s recommendation because he used to get easily tired, sluggish, lethargic, etc. The outcome was just great, “nanumbalik ang aking sigla, at ang side effects pa ay nabawasan ang aking katabaan at nagkaroon ako ng mas maraming lean muscle mass.”
Dr.  Aligui adds, that as men age and gain weight, especially in the mid torso area, their levels of available testosterone also drop. That is why there is truth in associating a six-pack abdomen for men with virility and healthy testosterone levels.
“I was 200 lbs and I felt it. I didn’t feel weak but I was having a hard time climbing up stairs, I felt sluggish, lethargic. Upon the advice of my doctor, I started brisk walking every day, cut down on my rice intake to half, and took this food supplement for Men,” Jimmy shares.
It was a steady slow start for Jimmy as he didn’t immediately notice the effects of his change of lifestyle. This is usually the case with a natural nutritional support for men, for it has a gradual build up but it also lasts longer.
“I felt the renewed energy as I would walk in the Greenhills area five or six days a week to keep up with my goal of 10,000 steps a day. I did start losing weight as I initially set out to do. And then I also felt that it was helping me with my intimate relationship with my wife.”
“Having an intimate relationship with your partner is one of the cornerstones of a healthy relationship,” shares Jimmy while adding, “Together with that is being open to your wife and of course you have to be understanding and patient at times. Those, I think, are the elements to a happy relationship. A very important component in the dynamics of healthy couples is good communication.”
As for having a baby at his age, Jimmy realized that he can still play the role of a doting father. “I feel I am more knowledgeable now when it comes to the baby. I’d know why she’s crying, whether it’s because she’s hungry or she needs a diaper change, I’d know already. And diaper changing is so easy compared to before,” he imparts.
“Yes, it was actually the farthest thing from my mind … Magiging tatay na ulit ako. (But) Her presence changed my daily life. Kumbaga, there’s something to look forward to each day. I have made some adjustments. All the activities at siyempre, ’yung energy mo, dapat meron para sa baby. Gradually, we started saving, planning for her schooling. We made plans. But I am enjoying,” concludes Jimmy during this testimonial luncheon.
For his part, Mr. Benson Sian shares, “We hope that we will be able to create a greater awareness of the value of one’s health and well-being.  What a difference it is if we have a nation of healthy individuals, of healthy pensioner, retirees and healthy young people. We hope that Nattural Quality Corporation has helped become a champion and created a platform to communicate these ideals to Filipinos.”

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