Errant cops deserve Duterte’s wrath and more!

  • Written by Itchie G. Cabayan
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During a recent trip to the UK, I met several Filipinos working at the Renaissance London Heathrow Hotel where we stayed overnight before heading for Tolouse in France.  They want to be greeted so here it is.

While there, the trademark warmth of Filipino hospitality was extended to our party by cashier-cum-waitress Gaelee Fajardo-Smith -- who, according to her brother Glenn, celebrated her birthday recently -- and room service staff Noriel Perucho, both of the Market Garden Restaurant located at the ground floor of the said hotel.   

Why, even their supervisor Ivan Sumatra, who is not a Filipino, was equally glad to be with his colleague’s compatriots. 

Ditto with souvenir shop boss Kerenna Landy Pasador  who, just like Smith and Perucho, were just as friendly and accommodating and evidently glad to see fellow Filipinos specially coming in big groups to their hotel.

Gaelee, particularly, shed tears of joy upon learning that we were from Manila and most specially, when she found out from me that the guys she was earlier chatting with were actually executives from the Philippine Airlines, namely spokesperson Ma. Cielo ‘Diva’ Villaluna, senior vice president for corporate planning Angelito Alvarez and his beauteous wife Vilma and vice president for corporate communications Josen Perez de Tagle.    

I was late for breakfast that morning and I told Gaelee about this when she asked who we were and what we do for a living, while I was getting food and she wanted to sort of assist me. To my surprise and that of the rest of the group, Gaelee began crying as she returned to our table. Perucho explained how Gaelee turns very emotional each time she sees Filipinos in their hotel. 

With all humility, Gaelee said she never expected that she would get the kind of nice treatment that she received from our group and that was what made her cry. Awwww…..    


Watching President Rodrigo Duterte’s recent outburst in front of over 100 policemen facing different kinds of cases, ranging from activities involving corruption and illegal drugs and some as grave as kidnap-for-ransom, extortion, robbery and serious illegal detention, one can’t but help feel his total dismay and exasperation. 

With Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Oscar David Albayalde and National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) director Chief Supt. Guillermo Eleazar right beside him, a very angry Duterte did more than a dressing-down. He virtually insulted the said cops, gave them what I think -- and hope -- is a final, genuinely-mean-to-be warning and even told their families not to come to him crying about so-called ‘human rights’ since he is bent on having them killed.      

All the cussing and the profanities hurled at the said errant cops are well-deserved. It is easy to understand where President Duterte is coming from, after he had given them all possible assistance and even raised their salaries and in the end, these seemed not enough. 

These cops receive salaries that come from the taxes paid to government by innocent civilians.  In return, we and most specially the President, expect them to keep their end of the bargain by maintaining law and order and protecting the ordinary citizens against criminal elements, at the very least. 

When these policemen use the authority vested in them, their uniform, badge, influence and gun to oppress the very citizens who pay for their salaries and whom they are duty-bound to protect and worse, compete with -- and of course win over -- ordinary criminals preying on hapless civilians, there are just no words to describe what kind of creatures they are and what kind of ‘karma’ or punishment they deserve.  

Duterte is so right in humiliating the crooked cops on national television and branding them as useless and nothing more than a mere menace to society. It is also true that the country will be a safer place with these policemen staying in jails than being out on bail in view of the cases they face.

I feel so bad for policemen who remain true to their sworn duties and try so hard to keep their names and that of the PNP’s, clean.  


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Jokjok (from Cesar Gambino of Potrero, Malabon City) -- PARI: Sister, bakit ka nagmadre, ang ganda-ganda mo pa naman/MADRE: Kasi, bata pa ’ko, pangarap ko na ’to eh. Ikaw naman Father, ang gwapo-gwapo mo bakit ka nagpari?/ PARI: Atin-atin lang….eh kasi ’yung nanay ko, ’di ako pinayagang mag-MADRE!?!?


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