Enjoy life while you can -- Hakuna Matata!!!

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Many are still shocked over the unexpected death of the bubbly, youthful and beautiful actress-singer
Isabel Granada. Aneurysm took her at the young age of 41, the prime of anyone’s life specially these
days that 40 is considered as the new 30. What’s even more surprising is learning that Granada was
such a health buff and led a really clean living.

Maybe life really has a grand design for each and everyone of us and that when your time is
up, it’s up. Just like in a class, ‘finished or not finished, pass your paper.’
Why do I say this? Let me cite examples of how death did not come where and when they were
A good friend of long standing, former chief of the Manila Police District and now a councilor
in Cavite Ret. Gen. Alex Gutierrez, once suffered a stroke. This was no surprise since he and his
friends loved ‘chicharon bulaklak.’ It was their constant, favorite ‘pulutan’ and as such, they would
buy kilos of it, bring it to their favorite restaurant hangout and have it cooked.
Thinking that his life was about to end -- half of his face was already drooping when we paid
him a visit in the hospital -- Alex, in his own account, decided to already eat what he had always
wanted to eat but was afraid to do so due to the ill effects that are bound to happen. He found a way
to have lechon and chicharon bulaklak delivered to him and consumed them like there was no tomorrow.
Voilah!! He was discharged from the hospital a couple of days later, feeling good as new.
At one time before that, another thing happened. Alex is a skydiver and he was among those who
were supposed to join a skydiving exhibition at a national event. For some reason, he failed to make
it on time and so, another took his place.
Guess what happened? His replacement’s parachute -- the one Alex was supposed to have used --
failed to open. Needless to say, that poor guy fell straight on the rocks of the breakwater and died.
At the NAIA Terminal 3, just last June, a 27-year-old man attempted suicide by jumping off
from the departure area of the NAIA Terminal 3.  
When I inquired from NAIA 3 terminal manager Engr. Octavio ‘Bing’ Lina how the passenger was
doing, even him was surprised at learning that the guy did not suffer any fracture or serious injuries
at all.  
The report forwarded to the office of airport Manager Ed Monreal and information gathered by
efficient airport personnel Marcos Palting of the Airport Police and Juanite Rosario Jr., said that at
shortly past 5 p.m., security guard Rowena Macatol had just come from the Cebu Pacific ticketing
office when she saw the guy about to jump near the passenger holding area of the NAIA 3’s departure
area in front of the northern carousel exit door.  Macatol tried to stop him by pulling the hood of
his jacket but was a bit late since Joemar fell down just the same, landing at the arrival area.     
After being attended to by the airport medical team, Joemar was brought to a hospital in Pasay
where, after five hours of waiting, he left after being reportedly  denied attention by the hospital
due to lack of any family member accompanying him and after the hospital told him there was no
orthopedic doctor available then.
When I had the chance, I myself looked at the third floor site where the attempted suicide
took place.  There’s no chance on earth that one would survive a jump from there, unscathed, if one
would every be lucky to live through it. Clearly, it was not his time.
So folks, there is a lesson to be learned here. When it’s your time to go, you can’t fight it.
If it isn’t your time, you will still live. In short, when we die and how is not totally up to us.
In the meantime, while we’re here, let us enjoy life and adopt the so-called problem-free
philosophy called, ‘Hakuna Matata’, courtesy of Timon and Pumbaa of the animated film ‘Lion King.’
This Swahili phrase from Kenya means, ‘no worries.’

Beauty tip -- For skin whitening, home remedies include applying lemon juice throughout the skin like
a lotion at least once a day after a warm shower. Let it dry and then rinse after 20 to 30 minutes.
Vitamins A, C, and E, with glutathione intake, helps a lot. (Source: Dr. Rosary May Canay-Diaz of
Californian Bloom Aesthetic Institute and Medical Spa/4108424/4669596/09178038240/ 025053987)  

Jokjok (from Glenda Constantino of Mayon St., QC) -- NANAY : Naku itong anak ko, oo! Ang lakas mo
kumain pero ’di ka naman mautusan!!/ANAK : Eh ‘Nay, kapag ’yung alagang baboy natin ang malakas
kumain, natutuwa kayo, ’pag ako naiinis kayo! Bakit, nauutusan n’yo ba ’yung baboy? Sino ba talaga ang
anak n’yo? Ha??                                                                                                         

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