Don’t deal with illegal PDP-Laban recruiters in Manila!

  • Written by Itchie G. Cabayan
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THE PDP-Laban is currently investigating reports that unscrupulous individuals have recently been
going around the city and recruiting members on the pretext that they will be part of the ruling party
of President Rodrigo Duterte.

The PDP-Laban hierarchy in Manila, led by national treasurer and third district Councilor
Bernie Ang, said what worries the party even more is that those doing the unauthorized recruitment are
of ‘dubious’ character with whom the party does not wish to be associated. 

The fake recruiters, according to Coun. Ang, have been pretending to have a say in
appointments and decisions that belong exclusively to the Office of the President, by talking to
barangay chairmen saying there will be no barangay elections and they will have the said barangay
chairmen appointed so they could continue holding their posts.
What’s worse, he said, is that the fake recruiters even hold seminars and collect money out of
their unauthorized recruitment and while using the name of the PDP-Laban and in effect, the President
himself who strongly abhors corruption as in fact he has waged a no-nonsense campaign against it.
In the same breadth, Manila Council President Penelope ‘Ka Penny’ Belmonte said that the said
fake PDP-Laban group and those behind the unauthorized recruitment is not sanctioned by the party in
any way. As in.
Belmonte said the fake PDP-Laban has been recruiting members on the pretext that the group is
legal and was created on orders of party officials, while promising various kinds of things just to be
able to get members.
Citing reports reaching the party, she also said that the fake PDP-Laban recruiters had been
soliciting various kinds of support which is highly prohibited by the legitimate party itself.
Still according to the reports reaching the party, Belmonte lamented that the recruiters of
the fake PDP-Laban party are just getting members left and right, without any regard for the quality
of the persons being taken in.
Belmonte stressed that the legitimate PDP-Laban led by President Rodrigo Duterte would never
sacrifice quality for quantity.
Before becoming a party member, she said an applicant has to go through several stages even as
certain qualifications and requirements have to be met, including full introduction to the principles
that the party and its members are bound to uphold at all times.
I heard the ruling PDP-Laban party is seriously looking into the matter so that appropriate
action may be taken against those behind the formation of the fake PDP-Laban in Manila.
In the meantime, the legitimate party is warning the public against dealing with the said
recruiters. This is good because if this incident in Manila is ignored, what would stop the dubious
group of recruiters from expanding their unauthorized operations in other cities or parts of the
Another downside of letting the illegal recruitment slide is this -- if the promises made are
not kept or the solicitations skyrocket, the recruits would blame it all on the PDP-Laban and of
course, indirectly, on the poor President Duterte.
For all we know, this could either be a ploy to raise easy money or discredit the Duterte
administration this early. Whatcha think???


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Jokjok (from Bernadette Guerrero of Makati City) -- PEDRO: Pare, salamat at piniyansahan mo ’ko ha.
Nakakatakot masama tingin sa ’kin ng mga pulis eh. Ano ba nangyari? Lasing na lasing kasi ako nu’ng
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