Dismay at AG New World; singers at NAIA for Marawi

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Happy, happy birthday to Bureau of Immigration (BI) officer Erwin Ortanez,  chief of the BI-
intelligence at the NAIA. Greetings comes from his supporters, friends and loved ones. Again, happy
birthday and may you have many more to come!!!


A family member recently celebrated her birthday at the Market Café located at the third floor
of the AG New World Manila Bay Hotel located at the corner of Pedro Gil and M.H. Del Pilar in Malate,
Considering the price and the location of the said dinner buffet, there should be no room for
any disappointment. Or so we thought.
When my niece and her boyfriend went to the dessert station, they were surprised to see the
ice cream containers empty. Having eaten there a number of times, they always ate chocolate and coffee
flavors. So they asked the crew in charge but was told that only one flavor was available --
pineapple. The crew went inside and came out with one scoop for each of them.
Moments later, a foreign-looking elder family member went to the said ice cream station and
requested coffee-flavored ice cream.  He came back with three containers filled with two scoops each.
How and why this happened, we don’t know.

On my part, I went to the seafood section looking for mussels to have them baked. There were
only a handful left so I asked one of the staff if he could refill and he said okay. I went back to my
seat but was approached by a lady moments later, to tell me that they’ve run out of mussels.
And yet, when I stood up minutes later to get Japanese, I saw a whole lot of mussels lying
around. I no longer bothered to ask the lady staff why she told me they’ve run out when there were a
lot. I just requested the guy staff to have a dozen baked for me.

When the mussels came,  they were not only bland but were also spoiled. They smelled and
tasted so bad they are enough to make you lose your appetite.

It’s comprehensible why the staff would tell their patrons they’ve run out of this or that
when they have actually not. We’ve eaten there a number of times and things like this didn’t usually
happen.  Whether or not the erroneous ‘declaration’ those running the place ought to orient their
staff well.


For days now, a group of singers are serenading arriving passengers at the NAIA terminals in
an effort to help the victims of Marawi.
The group of singers is called ‘Handog ng Pagmamahal Association.

The said singers wearing colorful costumes’,  began posting themselves near the exit doors
last  December 1.
I learned that this group is led by one Gladys Francisco and were allowed by the management of
the airports under Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) General Manager Ed Monreal for the
purpose of helping those who were displaced by the Marawi crisis.
The said group goes around the three NAIA terminals. They have a box bearing the words ‘Help
Rebuild Marawi’ and they sing beautiful music, not to mention that the women singers are really
May the efforts of these singers remind those who have more in life to share their blessings
with our brothers and sisters who continue to suffer from displacement, hunger, loss of loved ones,
loss of limbs and terrible, life-scarring trauma brought about by the siege in Marawi, specially among
innocent children who barely have an idea of what had happened to them.


Beauty tip --- Consume 8-10 glasses a day, five servings of fruits and vegetables and three
servings of whole grains for vitamins and minerals. (Source: Dr. Rosary May Canay-Diaz of Californian
Bloom Aesthetic Institute and Medical Spa/4108424/4669596/09178038240/ 025053987)


Jokjok (from Jopherson Malayo of Fairview, Quezon City) -- Totoy (texting): Lolo, sorry ha, I can’t
visit you this week kasi may blood test po ako.

Lolo: Sige apo, okay lang. Basta’t mag-aral kang mabuti para marami kang maisagot sa test mo.


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