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When I hear “Dengvaxia,” I cannot help but think of some sort of genocide which  the dictionary
defines as “acts committed with intent to destroy in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group.”

Whatever happened in this Dengvaxia deal is definitely tainted with bad intentions – either to
use our children as a trial balloon, as guinea pigs coupled with corruption. I hope it’s not a case of

Knowing the people involved in pushing through with the deal of an untested pharmaceutical
product, the possibility of “money talks” is not remote and owing to the little time that the deal was
closed, concluded and vaccination of 4th grade students whose innocence were violated. Their parents
were not even informed for their consent. The children were simply “captured.” Binraso ng mga public
officials in power. There was certainly connivance or conspiracy among those in power.
833,000 children are said to have been victimized. That’s an act committed against the minors,
a national effort to test an unapproved vaccine. 833,000 innocent children were affected, more than
the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya said to be around 700,000. Maliwanag na may malisya ang ginawa
nong nakaraang rehimen ni Aquino. P3.5 billion  to experiment? Even experimenting sa mga daga sa
laboratory ay hindi umaabot ng 833,000? Baka isang dosena lamang ang kailangan. The cost of P3.5B is
extremely suspect as Brazil and India have experimented as well but the prices they paid pales in

In 2007, I introduced an organic medicine used all over the world. I won’t give the name for
the time being for I am mentioning it only as a public service. I do not want my readers to think that
I am giving publicity to the company that distributes it.

Now DoH Secretary Dr. Francisco Duque is a friend since our younger days. We worked together
in the PCSO when as DoH Secretary, then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo assigned him as her
representative to the board, replacing then Social Welfare Secretary Dinky Soliman who proved to be
erratic and insincere as a person. Imagine when she was appointed as representative of PGMA to the
PCSO board, the first thing she uttered was: “I want you all to know that my signature is as strong as the president’s.” No one in the board reacted. I did and told her: “Oh yah? Let’s see.” That’s for
another column.

In short, I introduced the organic capsules to the PCSO after I had personally cured so many
Dengue patients from one year old baby and all ages. To this day, that’s my personal mission and I
have cured Dengue patients in 2 days time.

I will reveal all about it after meeting with Secretary Duque. I will leave it up to him
whether to believe me or not. But I have to let him know for I have cured so many Dengue patients with
it; and cancer and pneumonia patients as well. It’s organic food supplement that cannot harm anyway
even if one takes the contents of a bottle in one gulp. It is very safe with no adverse effect. If
hospitalized, accept what’s prescribed by the doctor. Isabay na lang itong capsules.
This organic medicine took Dr. Lawrence 50 years to discover. In 1949 he was amazed why the
people of Utah do not get sick and only die of old age. Utah is a state where cows are bred and milked
the old fashion way by hand. There was no machine to extract the cow’s milk at the time. In Dr.
Lawrence’s findings, the cows were being milked by hand by the milkmaids and milkmen. He found out
that the powerful T Cells of the cow’s milk, more powerful than a mother’s breast milk were entering
the pores in the hands of the milkmaids and milkmen by hand. Dr. Lawrence, decided to invite
scientists from Europe, Asia including Russia. It took 50 years to capture the T Cells to make it into
capsule form in 1999.

It is all over the world now. In Russia, President Putin signed a law making these organic
capsules mandatory to all patients that enter the hospital for it also strengthens the defense system
and immune system of a patient.

Dr. Lawrence died in 2000, a year after he accomplished his mission. He lived to see the day.
To me, it’s a miracle medicine given to us by God. But there is a law in our country that all organic
medicines must be labelled No Approved Therapeutic Claims, even if it passed by the FDA. The FDAs
worldwide have approved the potency of this organic medicine in capsule form. Even the FDA of the
United States of America approved it; and other countries as well. Could there be better assurance
than that?

Because of the strong lobby of the pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. and elsewhere, this
organic medicine cannot be sold over the counter in drugstores. It’s only done through networking. But
I buy directly from the distributor through its agents.

Believe me, it used to cost the PCSO P150K to P200K per Dengue hospitalized patients. I
introduced it in 2007 to the PCSO after I’ve cured so many patients almost instantly in 2005.

With these capsules, believe it or not, with only 9 to 12 capsules taken costing a total of
around P600 pesos, a Dengue patient is cured in 2 days. Fever disappears, the blood count normalizes
and the patient (if he/she is hospitalized) is out of the hospital in 2 days. How many times have I
helped so many patients on my own. That’s why when I was in the PCSO I introduced it and we
distributed them to patients. The PCSO got the distributor’s net price. No commission to anyone. But
when Margie Juico and company took over the PCSO in 2010, they cancelled it. Kasi siguro walang
I will wait for DoH Secretary Duque to call me or email me and I will explain to him what I am
referring to.
At the moment, I will not make mention of it for many of those we have cured in the past when
Maggie de la Riva and I had the TV program “Dial M” in PTV 4. We used to give callers affected with
Dengue for free. They are all alive.
Sana naman hindi bastard children ni Adolf Hitler ang gumawa niyang bakuna na ‘yan.
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