Coping with traffic

  • Written by Dulce Reyes
  • Published in Opinion
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Instead of ranting about the long lines in bus, LRT and MRT stations, how do you cope with all these inconveniences?

I watched the long queues and noticed that indeed, we are a patient people. In the lines, there are many who just cope by looking at their cellphones or listening to the music with their earphones. Some just read. Others simply wait. Those inside their cars listen to the radio, while passengers in buses sleep or use their mobile phones.

Whatever we will do without these mobile phones to while away the hours in traffic. Sure there is now a rule that car drivers cannot text and drive, but with traffic at a standstill, they use their phone for distraction. What is happening in our streets?

We were warned about the holiday traffic but spending more than two hours along EDSA, Roxas Boulevard, Commonwealth Avenue is just too much if you commute on a daily basis.

And did you know that the stress caused by traffic and waiting in long lines can affect your health? Either you learn to meditate standing up in line or again use your mobile phones is a way of coping. Maybe a few daydream of a moving traffic or the presence of an efficient mass transportation system.

I suggested before to field more traffic enforcers every 200 meters along busy streets to keep vehicles moving, and in areas where they do this, vehicles move. So it seems to work.
Why can’t we put in more traffic enforcers in strategic areas during peak hours? We already know that there are just too many vehicles in our roads built for just a few thousands but not hundreds of thousands.
Whatever happened to car pooling? Even Uber is doing this. As the merry season of Christmas and New Year approaches, expect heavier traffic. Plan your trips.         Many are already waking up earlier and leaving their homes not half an hour earlier but at least two hours early. So many are doing this and the result is traffic builds up earlier.
We the drivers and commuters are willing to do anything to cooperate to keep traffic moving but we need more MMDA enforcers out there in the streets. Keeping bus lanes strictly for buses seem to work. But only when there are no enforcers in these lanes. I also noticed more and more mendicants along         SLEX and Roxas Boulevard.  Whatever happened to the DSWD vehicles picking them up?
If there is political will to keep our main streets moving and helping mendicants out of the streets, these can be done.
We should keep our streets safe not only when there are foreign summits but also everyday of the year for the sake of the Filipino commuters. In the meantime, think of more ways to stay healthy and less stress during these holiday season.