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Our best kept secret

PROFESSIONALLY, I always believed that one of the deadliest social sins is “Commerce without Morality” (and we thank Mohandas Gandhi for this maxim). So when I met the President/CEO of Nattural Quality Corporation, Mr. Benson U. Sian, I was inspired by his passion of using his business not just for profit but for a social advocacy as well … a perfect marriage of Business and Purpose.  So I sat down with Benson; and here are the excerpts of our one-on-one interview, which I am sharing with you with the hope that such business mindset would somehow spread like “wildfire” in the business community.

Q: Can you briefly share something about yourself, and how you started the NATTURAL QUALITY CORPORATION?

A: I come from a family that puts a premium on quality of life and good health.   From early on, I was told to as much as possible have a healthy lifestyle and to avoid being overly dependent on any maintenance medication.  That is the perspective that is practiced in our household.   I think that has greatly shaped my view on health and well-being.  The establishment of Nattural Quality Corporation was a natural extension of that belief and practice.

Q: What do you consider as your “business passion” which has propelled you as one of the country’s leading food Supplement Company?

A: Our Company believes in the sustainable propagation and cultivation of plant raw material. The Philippines is one of the most Bio-diverse locations in the world we need to preserve this.   One way of preserving Bio-diversity is to re-learn and re-discover traditional healing practices and uses of indigenous plants and promote its use. We hope that we can be instrumental in creating network of sustainable communities of growers of herbal and medicinal plants.  
Q: Over the years, what challenges had your company had to overcome? And, what did you do address these concerns?        
A: Unlike in other countries like Thailand, Indonesia, China, etc. wherein their Regulatory Bodies recognize Traditional Herbs and Healing practices, the Philippines has mostly recognized conventional medicine. Even with the passing of the TAMA Law  (Traditional Alternative Medicine Act) we still have some challenges. However, worldwide there is a trend towards preventive medicine and preference towards natural foods, herbs and plants.  This global trend is reflected by the way people are really seeking for, a natural, alternative and non-toxic way of staying healthy without any side effects. It did not help that rising cost of hospital care has naturally pushed people to be health conscious and to seek proactive measures to try to prevent, avoid if not delay onset of diseases.
Q: I had the privilege of hearing you discuss your vision for health care in the country, what is your source of such fervor and hope for quality health care in our country?  
A: It is a sad fact that a lot of people still die unnecessarily because of ignorance, lack of access to medicine and medical attention or simply ignorance and fear of seeking medical advice/attention. I wish our country can learn from the health model of Thailand wherein Conventional Medicine and Thai Traditional Medicine are allowed to co-exist and patients are given a choice which treatment they would like to avail. I wish Family Medicine is strengthened so that each person would have a Family doctor who would be a health partner in maintaining one’s health and well-being. I wish each Barangay would have a family physician who would be available for consultation and check up this would probably decongest our hospitals and reduce our over dependence on seeking specialist at the first sign on any discomfort/malaise. The idea of Universal Health Care -- accessible and affordable healthcare resonates in my mind.  Strengthening of the concept among our people that we are ultimately individually responsible for
our own health.  The old adage that prevention is really better than cure and in most instances cheaper -- remains true and valid to this day.  These are some of the ideas that give our company meaning and purpose.
Q: How do you see the NATTURAL QUALITY CORPORATION in the next five years?  
A: We hope that we will be able to create a greater awareness of the value of one’s health and well-being.  What a difference it is if we have a nation of healthy individuals, of healthy pensioner, retirees and healthy young people.   We hope that Nattural Quality Corporation has helped become a champion and created a platform to communicate these ideals to Filipinos.
Q: What piece of advice can you give all aspiring entrepreneurs out there?  What final words can you give all our readers?   
A: Find meaning and purpose in your work.  Believe in your dream.  Work hard for your dream.  Work ethically.  Make a difference in your community.

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