Asean Summit 2017

  • Written by Manuel L. Morato
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Goodwill is important to forge unity among the ASEAN member nations; and any other issues solely pertinent to an independent state must be taken up privately or in a separate conference, specifically to address issues such as the Rohingya and the alleged human rights violations.

The ASEAN Summit held every year hosted by the member nations in alphabetical order is an occasion to unite the leaders of the member nations for the past 50 years. Other issues pertinent to a particular sovereign state must be taken up in another conference to address specific problems in private.

The Summit is meant to unite, not divide; and whoever attempts to divide must not be entertained. Those matters such as the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar must be taken up through diplomatic channels or a separate conference specifically to address human rights issues like the way climate change was addressed in the accord held in Paris.

Imagine had the suggestions of the liberals and leftists been discussed in the ASEAN Summit meant to force the leaders/members of nations of Asean represented by its heads of States. They would still be here, arguing with each other. Sensitive matters can be resolved with sobriety, wisdom and maturity with the right frame of mind. Hindi ‘yan pwedeng solusyonan sa masamang paraan at awayan.

Nothing would have been accomplished for most of the issues the liberals wanted discussed in the Asean Summit would be divisive; in as much as the cases are still under investigation; and would have not been solved in two days. Most of the issues the liberals and the leftists group wanted taken up would only cause trouble which I believe that is exactly what they wanted. They would have succeeded to spoil the Asean Summit and damaged the reputation of our people and country.
Overall, the 50th ASEAN Summit in Manila was a huge success without much fanfare. It was elegantly sober. The entertainment present was world class which showed the inborn talent the Filipinos have in their genes.
As I observed, all of the Asean heads of states got along very well with each other. President Trump looked very well in Barong Tagalog. He looked younger. It is however a pity that First Lady Melania could not make it to Manila for she had to represent her husband in an affair for the veterans in Alaska. She was missed by the Filipinos who are conscious with beauties. Our countrymen are forever focused on beauty contests and Reyna Elena’s during the festive month of May. The influence of Hollywood is very strong in this country having been a colony of the U.S. for 50 years. But we must respect the past such as the Colonization of Spain for 400 years, together with the good and the bad. I wish to put emphasis on the fact that Spain brought Christianity to our islands which civilized our people.
Our President Duterte made it known loud and clear that his war against illegal drugs must not be raised in the Summit as most of the cases are still being investigated. Let it be clear that as far as the EJK is concerned, there are angles that must be seriously considered. The war on illegal drugs of this administration is much more complicated as it seems for there are government officials involved in what had happened.
When President Duterte raged a war against drugs as the country was headed towards becoming a narco state, those officials in high position in government involved in illegal drugs for many, many years panicked and went through a cleansing process by eliminating their associates who could point at them. Even some high ranking militarymen and policemen were involved. The errand boys were the first ones to be eliminated for they can point at them. Ang drug traders ang nagpapatay sa mga tauhan nila for they are the ones who can testify and point at them. So many were killed by those involved in illegal drugs for their peddlers and pushers could accuse them and serve as witnesses against them. This is what truly happened. Even before President Duterte sat in office, the “cleansing” had started towards the end of the past administration who had control of the media. This episode was hardly publicized, but the EJK went on in mid-May to the end of June when Mar Roxas was seen as a defeated candidate. Many suspect na
‘yong tauhan nong past administration started the process of elimination and went on until many of their runners and traders were done with. It went on even when President Duterte sat in office on June 30, 2016. But those killing were blamed on him. Recall that when President Duterte sat in office, he dismissed some high ranking police officials and some militarymen who were found to be involved in illegal drugs.

President Rodrigo Duterte felt offended with what Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said; and rightfully so. Trudeau meddled on an issue which practically all the members agreed not to raise the war against illegal drugs and human rights issues confronting many countries today, including the ethnic cleansing against the Muslim Rohingyas of Myanmar. Aung San Suu Kyi would have been insulted and shamed had the Asean leaders taken it up in the Summit. It’s good that they did not succumb to pressure from the leaders of the leftists who held a rowdy rally which gave our country a black eye.
For the sake of unity, we must try to understand what Prime Minister Trudeau had done. As St. Augustine said: “Wisdom comes to a person at the age of 60 and above.” The Canadian Prime Minister has not yet reached the age of wisdom and maturity.
On my part, I always see to it that I vote a candidate for president who is 60 and above; with some exemptions.
If women suffer from menopause at age 48 to 56, the age that makes them cranky and hot-headed at masungit, so do men suffer from andropause. They, too, are hot-headed and unreasonable. Not all, but many are affected. Thank God, I did not go through that phase in my life. I am glad that I am old and passed 60.
There is definitely a pattern to discredit and spread hatred and outrage against the administration of President Duterte. Examine the pattern: Male teenagers killed successively and the opposition feasted on it.
Maliwanag na kakuntsaba ang mga assets at runners.

P.S. Happy Birthday to Juliette Gomez-Romualdez, a friend since our teenage years some sixty years ago. She was always proper, kind and a very understanding person. Our group of friends used to gather in her ancestral home in Menlo Street in Pasay near Vito Cruz. Juliette, keep well and God bless you always.
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