Andanar fanning Mocha flame?

  • Written by Mario Fetalino Jr.
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FINGER-PONTING wouldn’t help the Presidential Communication Operations Office (PCOO) at this time after getting another flak over the latest blunder of assistant Secretary Mocha Uson to ‘explain’ federalism.

Instead of controlling the damage, PCOO Chief Martin Andanar appears to be fanning the flame by blaming Consultative Committee Spokesperson Ding Generoso on the fiasco made by Uson.

What Andanar should do is to rise above the situation by immediately getting the acts of the PCOO and Concom together because after all, he and Generoso are on the same boat.

While it could be true that Generoso bypassed Andanar in tapping Uson for the information drive, nothing could have stopped the former sexy dancer from uploading to internet her video that featured lewd jingle and dance for the proposed form of government.

Obviously, Uson has her own kingdom within the PCOO and not even the combined powers of Andanar and the other cabinet members can interfere with her mission to promote the Duterte administration and its programs via social media whether she does it the right or wrong way.

Uson gained such privilege after volunteering to help Duterte win in the last presidential elections through her stunts in social media. Duterte won by landslide and Uson is enjoying the payback.

In fairness, Uson has been consistently loyal to Duterte, the probable reason why her blog site is followed by millions of Filipinos who support and hate her. It’s the same reason why Generoso, who was after a bigger audience, thought of asking for Uson’s help to communicate Federalism to the people.

Unfortunately, Uson’s consistency also applies to her humiliating mistakes in delivering public service. And as we know it now, her bid to serve in the federalism information drive was no exception.

But it’s not a cause for leaders of the government to point accusing fingers at each other over glitches to avoid public scrutiny. Rather, it’s a call for a more united front demonstrating proactive cooperation among the leaders to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Besides, wouldn’t Andanar and PCOO take credit had Uson miraculously succeeded in promoting federalism? Uson’s mistakes won’t sink a ship as big as Duterte or federalism. It’s the creeping disunity and chaos among his crew that will.

* * *

A Peoples tonight reader called me up early this week just to let me know how thankful she is to House Speaker Gloria Macpagal Arroyo who saved her family from a deadly typhoon in Cagayan Valley years ago.

According to Alypher Ada Quienes of Bitag, Grande, Baggao, the former president personally picked them up via a helicopter before a raging flash flood could wipe out her entire family.

I’m not sure if Ate Glo remembers Alypher’s story. But she’ll probably call 09066593996 if she does.

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