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An appeal to Mla Cathedral, San Agustin and Intramuros admin

  • Written by Itchie G. Cabayan
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First of all, Eddie Tan, a former barangay official of Tondo, Manila, would like to commend a policeman whose generosity he personally witnessed when he went to Camp Karingal recently to follow up on something.

While waiting for his turn, he observed how a good cop, whom he found out later on to be one SPO3 Gerry Granado of the Philippine National Police- Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit (PNP-CIDU), lovingly attended to those who sought him out for help. Eddie was particularly impressed by SPO3 Granado’s consistent show of utmost courtesy and determination to help out even if it was already beyond his call of duty.
I’m sure many, just like Eddie, can say the same about SPO3 Granado whom Eddie says was not even aware that he was being watched. Kudos and may his tribe increase!!!
Every year, all roads lead to the Intramuros area for those who observe the Lenten tradition called, ‘Visita Iglesia,’ since two of the country’s most historic churches are there

-- the Manila Cathedral and the San Agustin Church. The said practice is done on Maundy Thursdays where the Catholics visit at least seven churches to pray the Stations of the Cross.               
With all due respect, I would like to appeal to those behind the setup of the Stations of the Cross at the Manila Cathedral. The idea of placing the stations right beside the portalets was a very bad idea. The stench was too much so as to distract the people from fully concentrating on praying the ‘Way of the Cross’ before each of the stations. Even distancing one’s self from the stations didn’t help. 
Also disappointing was how the area between the two said churches has become so commercialized that trekking to and fro have been made extremely difficult by the presence of so many vendors who have occupied the sidewalks and streets that were supposedly meant for the convenience of the thousands of churchgoers who literally had to inch their way.
What is even more surprising is that as years go by, one would notice how wares that totally have no relevance to the occasion are being continually added to those already being peddled there. Well, drinks, flowers and street food probably serve some purpose although their vendors still should not be occupying the streets and sidewalks. However, even accessories, toys, clothing materials, tools and trinkets are being sold there in spacious stalls which also sell shades -- even at nighttime.
Topping it all was how the  barangay-sanctioned parking attendants were out there duping the public on a Maundy Thursday. Not even the Holy Week made them think twice about doing evil things. 
A female relative who went there at around 10 p.m. parked near the front of a convenience store and was issued a ticket right away by a male parking attendant who was demanding an outright payment of P50. My relative told him she would pay before leaving.
When she returned to her car after only a few minutes, she read the ticket and found out that the actual parking fee was only P30. However, the attendant wrote a huge ‘P50’ over the P30 printed on the ticket.             
The pay parking ticket, No. 21225, was from the ‘Office of the Barangay Chairman,’ Barangay 655, Zone 69, District 5. The fees were stated as follows: P30 -- first two hours or fraction thereof and P10 for every additional hours (sic) or a fraction thereof. It even states that the ‘barangay is not responsible for loss of vehicle or any of its accessories or articles left therein.’
My relative thus handed P30. The attendant, who would have been given the additional P20 if he just asked nicely, had the temerity to demand. When my relative pointed out the fee as stated in the ticket, the attendant said: “Ang yaman-yaman n’yo ayaw n’yo pa ibigay’ to which my relative replied: ‘Kayo nga, Mahal na Araw nanlalamang kayo ng kapwa.’ The parking attendant demanded to get the ticket back but my relative refused, since she already paid for it. As the car left, my relative said she heard the parking attendant yell ‘p…mo!’ The attendant was a man and on the wrong side of things while the driver was a woman and merely doing what was right. Imagine how many motorists these barangay-appointed attendants have cheated and harassed all throughout the Holy Week? Or even just that day?
Maybe Church authorities can appeal to the police and the barangay officials covering the area to spare the Holy Week from enterprising endeavours and illegal schemes.

Jokjok (from Josie Castro of Harrison Street, Pasay City) -- Father: Hey, Son! Why is your mother sitting so silent today?/SON: Nothing, dad. She asked for lipstick and I heard ‘GLUE STICK!’ Father : Bless you, son!! Love you!!!

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