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Wipe out ASG

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WITH his decision to order the military to finish off the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG), President Rodrigo R. Duterte has given his administration another boost in the eyes of the people.

The Mindanao-based ASG has remained one of the leading threat groups in this impoverished Southeast Asian nation, kidnapping for ransom foreigners and Filipinos alike.
Hostages whose families are unable to pay ransom are beheaded by the dreaded ASG, drawing the ire of even the international community.
The order of the Chief Executive, a lawyer by profession, is ample proof that his administration is to wipe out the ASG, which is believed to have links with international terror groups.
Various quarters have expressed support for the campaign against the ASG and hoped that people in Mindanao would help the military and the police in going after the bandits.
It’s time to put an end to the terroristic activities of the ASG and other armed groups in troubled Mindanao.
Like the government’s anti-illegal drugs campaign, President Duterte said “we will not let up on the war against the Abu Sayyaf (Group).”
“They would not honor their word. If they like to kill, then we will go ahead and kill them up to the last man,” declared the hard-hitting 72-year-old President from Mindanao.
President Duterte has repeatedly castigated the extremist group for kidnapping foreigners and beheading their hostages.
Of course, people see dire prospects of more kidnappings and killings if the government fails to restore lasting peace in Mindanao.
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