Waterfront reshuffle

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MORE than a year after President Duterte assumed the top political post of the land, there are now talks regarding more personnel movements in the graft-prone Bureau of Customs (BoC).

In fact, some waterfront observers see some moves indicating a massive reshuffle before long as part of Customs Commissioner Isidro S. Lapeña’s efforts to wipe out the “tara” culture.

Lapeña, in separate customs personnel orders, relieved eight district collectors and 30 section chiefs in the Port of Manila (POM) and Manila International Container Port (MICP).

Relieved were District Collectors Elvira Cruz (Port of Cebu), Romeo Rosales (Port of San Fernando), Julius Premediles (Port of Limay), Jose Naig (Port of Iloilo), Carmelita Talusan (Port of Subic), Divina Garrido (Port of Legazpi), Helleck Valdez (Port of Zamboanga) and Tomas Alcid (Port of Cagayan).

The section chiefs from the formal entry division (FED) of the POM and MICP were reassigned to provincial collection districts. The assistant chiefs were designated as acting chiefs.
Note that Lapeña has been stressing that he is willing to give all BoC officials and employees a “clean slate,” but they should also comply with his directive to stop “tara” and benchmarking.
Unknown to many, the workaholic Lapeña, a retired three-star police general from Urdaneta City in Pangasinan, is personally monitoring the performance of his officials and employees.
This is to enable the general-turned-tax collector to find out if his directives, which are all aimed at improving government service at the snake-infested waterfront, are being followed.
In the view of many, what the Filipino people are awaiting is when the government will succeed in ridding the country of corrupt, incompetent, abusive and lazy public servants.
Ridding the bureaucracy of erring men and women will be good for the people and the country.