Unpleasant remarks

Diplomacy is all about building international friendship and promoting goodwill among nations.

The job of diplomats, ambassadors, and international representatives is to promote dialogue and alliances or partnerships.

They should be at all times promoting understanding and consensus on international issues or challenges.

They should constantly guard against intrigues, distrust, confusion, and most importantly, conflict between and among nations and peoples.

This role is even more compelling for international arbitrators or negotiators trying to resolve misunderstanding or disagreements between countries and international organizations.

And so Malacañang has made the right call to caution representatives of global bodies against making unpleasant comments on foreign governments.

The two United Nations special rapporteurs who are both Filipinos should take prudence in releasing public statements.
This is the reaction of Presidential Spokesperson Secretary Harry Roque on the press release of Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, UN special rapporteur on the rights of indigenous people and Cecilia Jimenez-Damary, UN special rapporteur on internally displaced people (IDPs).
The two UN experts have earlier warned that the ongoing militarization in Mindanao greatly affects the Lumad communities in the area.
They said that with the implementation of martial law, thousands of Lumads have lost their homes and livelihood, and have been suffering human rights abuses.
But Roque said that these special rapporteurs just want to embarrass the Philippine government in the international community.
“I appeal to these two Filipinos who albeit our special rapporteurs not to use their posts for the purpose of embarrassing the Duterte administration,” said the presidential spokesperson.
Roque also alleged the two of being partisan.
“Both special rapporteurs should be more circumspect in their statements given that they were elected to their posts upon the behest of the former administration and that their observations made public as they appeared to be partisan.”
The official dared the UN rapporteurs to present their evidence for the conduct of proper investigation and filing of appropriate charges.
“The special rapporteurs should have documented the cases of alleged targeting of Lumads and brought these cases to the proper authorities, to the police and the prosecutors for preliminary investigation so that proper information could be filed in court,” said Roque.