Timely call

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PRESIDENT Duterte’s call for national unity is a timely and welcome development as he exerts his best efforts to address all the problems confronting the country and the Filipino people.

In a “reconciliatory” move, Duterte urged everyone, including his political opponents and other critics, to do away with politics and support his administration instead.

He is willing to shake hands with those who are also willing to help his administration, which ends in 2022, while expressing elation over his growing number of supporters.

“Magsama-sama tayo…let’s focus on how we solve the problems. ’Yung hangarin ninyo, hangarin ko rin. There’s a time to be faithful to the Republic (of the Philippines),” he added.

Specifically, President Duterte asked his critics to stop wasting their saliva, saying that he is not up for reelection in May 2022, when the nation goes to the polls anew to elect his successor.

Likewise, the hard-hitting Chief Executive, the first Mindanaoan to occupy the top political post of the land, assured the people that he has no intention of overstaying in his position.

But talking tough, Duterte said that he or his administration is not a “punching bag,” urging critics to go somewhere else and do their thing there. He assured  that the government will survive.
And for the sake of the Filipino people, many in the de-energizing grip of grinding poverty, political opponents and other critics ought to heed the call of the tough-talking President.
Thus, we cannot overemphasize the importance of helping the government in addressing the country’s galaxy of problems, notably illegal drugs, graft     and corruption, and criminality.
Certainly, the government means well and is determined to uplift the living conditions of the people.