We not only survive as we mark our 45 years in this business.

In fact, we thrive even as our nearest competitors struggle to stay alive.

For instance, our nearest rival has just been acquired by a group led by a former top Malacañang aide and a senior reporter from a major broadsheet.

That same broadsheet has also switched ownership from long-time family shareholders to the headhoncho of a well diversified food and beverage-based conglomerate.

Much earlier, the other main broadsheet had been majority acquired by a utility and infra-based taipan.

Meanwhile, all other distant competitors have fallen by the wayside or reduced to the margins.
All these do not make as happy at all not only because it can be lonely at the top.
We are saddened because freedom and democracy are somehow diminished when the press does not flourish.
But longevity in this business is also a function of service excellence and product quality.
Apparently, our loyal readers and patrons like the service we deliver and the main products we churn out—PJ and PJ Tonight, and our online edition.
We have consistently and continuously delivered a balanced mix of political, economic, entertainment, sports, health and lifestyle, and analyses and commentaries.
Our extensive and insightful coverage of people, places, and events have earned the respect of top political, business, religious and other leaders of the nation.
Since this paper first saw print, 7 Presidents have occupied Malacanang and led the nation to where it is now.
We covered to peaceful citizen uprisings that toppled to presidents, more than a handful of military coups, a host of natural disasters, and economic shocks that slowed the country’s progress, among other major national events.
Last year’s, historic elections that catapulted dark-horse presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte to landslide victory and his continued stay in office pose a great opportunity and challenge for this small but brave paper to continue to write and tell the great Filipino story.
So, stick around and stay logged on for the next 45 years. Salamat po at mabuhay ang PJI!