Rogue cops

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WHILE going after drug manufacturers, pushers and users, terrorists and other criminals, the Philippine National Police is also waging a massive internal cleansing of the 170,000-strong PNP. 

Since June 30, 2016, when the crusading Duterte administration assumed office, PNP chief Director-General  Ronald “Bato” M. dela Rosa has already dismissed 244 erring police officers and men.
Of course, the number is expected to further increase as the elite PNP-Counter Intelligence Task Force (CITF) continues the strict validation of charges against 1,122 other police personnel.
Records show that majority of the complaints being received by the PNP-CITF are against non-commissioned officers or those with the rank of police officer 1 to senior police officer 4.
The complaints ranged from being protectors of illegal activities, like illegal gambling, extortion, “hulidap,” physical injuries, illegal logging, kidnapping, smuggling and gunrunning.
We are made to believe that the hard-hitting PNP top honcho, a close ally of President Duterte, will sign the dismissal papers of lawmen once the charges against them are proven true.
And police operatives are expected to make more arrests as they continue their hunt for crooks in uniform.
“We will see to it that there will be no room for rogues in our organization. That’s the marching order given to us by the PNP chief,” said the articulate Malayo, a member of PMA Class 1989.
Malayo was quick to emphasize that complaints will be fully validated before operations are launched against the accused, knowing full well that there are people who just want to harass our lawmen.
Let’s hit hard at erring policemen, including the so-called “kotong” cops, who tarnish the image of the PNP, but let’s also reward those who implement the law without fear or favor.