NPA depredations

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When your cause is morally bankrupt and your ideology has been repudiated all over the world, how
would your organization and movement be described?

And when you persist in mounting ambuscades, assassinations, sabotage, and other violent acts
against the state security forces, citizens, government facilities, and private properties, how do you
expect the world to call you?
Terrorists, of course. What else?
And so who can fault the Commander-in-Chief for branding you as such?  
Like the United States, President Duterte would place the Communist Party of the Philippines-
New People’s Army-National Democratic Front in the list of terrorists.
If he had recognized them before as legitimate rebels, Duterte said he would no longer talk to
them with the continued depredations and killing of innocent  people - even an infant, a four months
old baby - during an ambush in Bukidnon.
“So beginning from now, wala nang (no more) rebellion-rebellion because rebellion is just a
light offense. It can be bailable except for the leader,” Duterte told reporters in a press interview.
Duterte said he would remove the communist movement from the category as legal entity or
semi-(revolutionary) movement which would merit the government attention.
“We will consider them terrorists, ordinary brigands and no more about principles there. You
are not fighting for any principle. My God, killing a four-month-old infant?” he said.
Duterte said government authorities would file murder, arson, and other charges “because I
would consider them criminals already.”
The President pointed out that killing a baby is an intentional act. It is not an accident.
“You know when you fire at government vehicles or anyone for that matter. There's always a
danger. It's a malicious act. There is the intent to kill that's why it's an ambush,” he said.
“Therefore, according to law, you are responsible for all the unintended and intended victims.
There is pure malice, there (is) criminal intent. That is what the law says,” he said.
Asked if he is still interested in continuing the peace talks with the CPP-NDF given that
their armed group — the NPA — have intensified attacks against government forces, Duterte said he is
no longer inclined to talk peace with the communists.
The peace negotiations with the left have been suspended since February.
The past two weeks saw the NPA’s intensified offensive operations against government forces in
the areas of Davao, Bukidnon, and Agusan.
In Davao City, NPA liquidation hitmen killed a police officer in Barangay Valencia, Tugbok
District on November 13. The rebels also abducted two police officers in Caraga.
On November 14, NPA burned two trucks along the highway of Barangay Cuyago, Jabonga province
of Agusan del Norte.
There was also the ambush incident killing a four-month-old baby and a police officer in
Talakag, Bukidnon.