No to parking fees

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THE few but powerful oligarchs continue to control the economy and business environment in this
impoverished Southeast Asian nation, drawing the ire of not only the poor but also well-meaning
government officials.

But in the view of many quarters, what is significant is that President Rodrigo R. Duterte
himself wants to remove the control of economy from the clutches of the few people who hold power and
money in the Philippines.
Aware of President Duterte’s sentiments, Rep. Manuel “Manny” Lopez of  Tondo, Manila has
sought to ban the payment of parking fees in shopping malls, hotels and other similar commercial
The highly-articulate Manila solon’s House Bill (HB) No. 5061 seeks to prohibit the collection
of parking fees in these establishments, pointing out that it should be part of their free services
and as courtesy to clients.
One way these filthy rich individuals or oligarchs continue to flourish is the charging of
unjust, excessive and oppressive parking fees at the establishments, like shopping centers and hotels,
that they own and control.
Likewise, Lopez shared the view of President Duterte that the only way to ensure progress and
equitable distribution of wealth in this nation of election-crazy people, is to remove the control
from the clutches of oligarchs.
The proposed legislation exempts patrons or clients of tenants and lessees of shopping  malls,
markets, shops, hospitals and other similar establishments from the payment of parking fees on a
validation basis.
“The scheme that would be implemented is similar to the practice of some firms in providing
for validation of the parking ticket wherein the fees would be waived upon a minimum spent by the
patrons and clients,” said Lopez.
The people, particularly those frequenting shopping malls, hotels, shops and similar
establishments, are expected to push for the speedy approval of the proposed piece of legislation.
Certainly, members of Congress seeking reelection in the May 2019 national and local elections
have no choice but to support the measure.