MM garbage crisis

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SAMAR Rep. Edgar Sarmiento has called on Congress to lift the ban on incinerators, warning of a
looming garbage crisis in Metropolitan Manila (MM), the country’s premier region.

The garbage problem, along with widespread flooding, particularly in low-lying areas, and
monumental traffic jams, remains as a major headache of the authorities in the metropolis.
In fact, tons of garbage clog stinking and polluted waterways, like rivers, creeks, streams,
esteros and drainage canals, impeding the flow of floodwaters during a heavy downpour in Metro
Despite the existence of many environmental laws, hard-headed people still throw their
wastes, like plastic bags and other non-degradable materials, into waterways not only in MM but
Thus, we commend Sarmiento for warning that Metropolitan Manila would have a garbage crisis
in five-year’s time unless the two-chamber Congress amends the country’s existing environmental laws.
We share the view of the lawmaker from Samar that there’s now that urgent need to impose a
mandatory waste segregation on all households and commercial/industrial establishments.
Likewise, our lawmakers ought to allow the use of state-of-the-art and strictly regulated
“waste-to-energy” incineration plants, according to the workaholic Visayan congressman.
Note that some Metropolitan Manila sanitary landfills, including the Payatas dump site in
Quezon City, are nearing their critical capacity, worrying residents and concerned government
But people are made to believe that concerned state offices and agencies are keen on
addressing the garbage problem not only in the metropolis but also in other parts of the Philippines.
Doubtless, it is a move in the right direction considering the worsening of the garbage
problem in highly-urbanized areas and other heavily-populated towns and cities across the country.