Holiday traffic

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Navigating Metro Manila’s legendary traffic this Christmas season is no holiday at all.

In fact, getting caught in the gridlock feels more like penitents bearing their crosses during
Holy Week.

The aggravation has become a regular ritual for motorists and commuters alike toward the end of
each year with seemingly no end in sight.
That is, until now—hopefully.
The Inter-agency Council on Traffic has created a task force that will help address the
expected traffic congestion in Metro Manila as the holiday season draws near.
The Task Force Alamid will focus on clearing of illegally parked vehicles and other
obstructions in traffic prone areas of the metropolis, according to I-ACT Communications and
Administrative Services head Elmer Argano.
Enforcement operations will be conducted in areas leading- to the seaports, airports, bus
terminals and the major thoroughfares in Metro Manila.
“We are aiming to help cushion the traffic congestion for the upcoming All Saints’ Day and
Christmas celebrations. We are looking for the task force to be operating even beyond the holidays
because of the traffic situation in Metro Manila,” Argano said in an interview.
The task force will also address other traffic concerns such as illegally franchised or
“colorum” vehicles, implementation of laws on anti-drunk and distracted driving, among others.
Task Force Alamid was launched last Thursday at the Manila International Airport Authority
office in Pasay City.
Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade urged the personnel of the task force to strictly
enforce traffic laws to ensure discipline among motorists.
“There will be no exemptions in who to apprehend, issued traffic tickets or to be towed. It
does not matter whether it is a sports car, jeep, taxi or truck as long as it is illegally parked, we
must implement the law,” Tugade said in his address during the event.
The task force will be composed of 20 personnel from the Armed Forces, 25 police officers from
the National Police-Highway Patrol Group, 25 enforcers from the DoTr and 30 traffic enforcers from the
Metropolitan Manila Development Authority.
I-ACT is an inter-agency body composed of DOTr, MMDA, PNP-HPG, Land Transportation Office, and
Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board tasked to address traffic congestion in Metro
Manila, Laguna, Rizal, Cavite, and Bulacan.
We wish the task force all the luck because its success would determine whether we would have a
truly Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ahead.