Free dialysis treatment

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IF many kidney patients continue to die without undergoing dialysis treatment in this manpower-exporting nation, blame it partly on the “high cost” of the procedure.

That’s why Sen. Sonny Angara wants to institutionalize “free” dialysis treatment for poor kidney patients across the country.

Angara deplored that many of the poor patients in far-flung communities  could not even afford the transportation costs going to urban areas to seek dialysis treatment.

Aware of this, he filed Senate Bill (SB) No. 1329 requiring all government-run hospitals to set up a dialysis ward that will give free dialysis treatment to indigent patients.

The optimum frequency of dialysis is three times a week, but because of its high cost and inaccessibility, some patients settle with less, causing their health to deteriorate more progressively.
Otherwise known as “Dialysis Center Act,” SB No. 1329 provides that dialysis treatment in all national, regional and provincial hospitals should be given “for free to indigent patients.”
Some sectors believe that the proposed legislation will go a long way in reducing the number of poor people unable to undergo dialysis treatment.
Records show that in 2013, kidney disease was the sixth leading cause of death in the country, which is teeming with jobless and underemployed health professionals.
Admittedly, the people, notably the poorest of the poor, now want the government to institutionalize free dialysis treatment for poor patients from Batanes in the North to Sulu in Mindanao.
Panahon na para gamutin ng libre ang mga dumaraming kababayan natin na may kidney disease.
As they say, it’s better late than never.