Fight dengue

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IT’s certainly time for local government authorities and the general public to embrace ecological solid waste management (ESWM) as a practical strategy to fight the dreaded dengue.

Every year, the disease claims the lives of many people not only in the metropolis but throughout the Philippines, particularly in areas teeming with breeding grounds of mosquitoes.

Dengue virus is transmitted by day-biting female Aedes aegypti mosquitoes that breed in clean standing water.

Breeding grounds include drums, pails, flower pots, plates under potted plants, tin cans, tires, gutters, ornamental fountains, cemetery vases and other artificial or natural water containers.

Environment-advocate group EcoWaste Coalition said that practicing ESWM in every household will help a lot in depriving mosquitoes of breeding areas, according to Daniel Alejandro.

The group’s zero waste campaigner, Alejandro, said it’s very important to keep discards properly sorted and managed.

Carelessly thrown plastic bags and bottles, packaging sachets, snack packs, and empty bottles and cans can gather and hold rainwater where mosquitoes lay their eggs, said Alejandro.

He urged the public to observe the following tips: Check backyard regularly for water-filled containers, remove trash that can collect and hold water, and dispose of containers that are not needed.

To drive away mosquitoes, Alejandro also urged the public to grow basil, catnip, citronella grass, garlic, lavender, lemongrass, marigolds, peppermint, rosemary and other natural mosquito repellants.

Let us not wait for more deaths before we heed the call of EcoWaste Coalition authorities to keep our households and communities free of dengue vectors throughout the year.

May kasabihan nga tayong mga Pilipino na laging nasa huli ang pagsisisi. Kaya, aksyon na tayo.