Drug-using cops

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THE presence of a few drug addicts and other rotten eggs in the 180,000-member Philippine National Police (PNP) continues to tarnish the image of the country’s top law enforcement agency.

But the good news is that the crackdown against drug-using police officers and men “spares no one,” according to PNP chief Director-General Oscar D. Albayalde, who is a known disciplinarian.

Albayalde assured the public that he would immediately recommend the dismissal from the service of any police officer who will test positive for substance abuse during random drug testing.

Of the 180,000 police officers and men nationwide, 293 tested positive for illegal drug use from July 2016, when President Duterte assumed the top political post of the land, to December 2017.

Most of the drug users were from the three lowest ranks: 119 police officers 1, 68 PO2s and 57 PO3s. Likewise, 23 senior police officers 1, 10 SPO2s and two SPO3s were found using illegal drugs.

According to the PNP-Internal Affairs Service (IAS), several officials also tested positive for drug use, including two inspectors, one chief inspector and a superintendent.

Albayalde has been coordinating with the PNP-IAS on the investigation of cases of police officers and men who tested positive for use of either marijuana or shabu, the so-called poor man’s cocaine.

Since the start of the Duterte administration, a total of 151 policemen have been dismissed from the service for illegal drug use. They were among the 398 cops axed for various offenses.

Of course, the PNP leadership and the people, including the ordinary citizens, know full well that the nation cannot afford to have drug addicts in the country’s premier law enforcement agency.

At mabuti na lang at walang “sacred cows” kina Pangulong Duterte at Heneral Albayalde.