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Drug-affected villages

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A YEAR after President Rodrigo R. Duterte decreed a total war against illegal drug trafficking and abuse in the country, many barangays (villages) are still considered “drug-affected.”

It is, without doubt, lamentable, disturbing and saddening that there are individuals who have absolutely no concern for the health of the people and the future of this nation.

Those involved in the illegal drug business just want to earn money at the expense of the Filipino people.

That’s why the Philippine National Police (PNP) has called anew on the Barangay Drug Abuse Councils (BADACs) to fully support President Duterte’s campaign against illegal drugs.

The PNP and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), the law enforcement arm of the Dangerous Drugs Board, said that 49.65 percent of the country’s 42,036 barangays are still drug-affected.

This means that a total of 22,872 villages across the country continue to be plagued by the drug menace.
A village is said to be drug-affected when there is a reported presence of drug user, pusher, manufacturer, marijuana farmer, drug den or drug lab, according to PDEA chair Director-General Isidro S. Lapeña.
Lapeña and PNP chief Director-General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa said they could only clear the remaining drug-influenced villages with the full support of BADACs and other local government authorities.
In the view of many, President Duterte, Lapeña and Dela Rosa will have the support of many sectors -- the academe, business, media and civil society -- in the serious anti-illegal drugs campaign.
Thus, these sectors should waste no time in helping our policemen and other law enforcement authorities in identifying and arresting all those involved in the illegal drugs business.