Deadbeat employers

The pension agency for private workers would no longer tolerate employers dodging payment of contributions.

The Social Security System is, in fact, cracking the whip on such deadbeat companies.

This is to ensure prompt payment so that workers’ contributions are always current and that delinquent accounts would be updated.

This is the only way for SSS members to fully avail themselves of all benefits and entitlements from the pension fund.

The SSS has mapped more than 50 stores in a shopping mall in Lipa City, Batangas, as it intensifies its campaign against erring employers.

Under the leadership of SSS president and chief executive officer Emmanuel F. Dooc, the agency launched its first Run After Contribution Evaders (RACE) Campaign on Friday.

“The RACE Campaign in Batangas is just first of the many regional campaigns that we will be doing for the whole year. We want to track down delinquent employers not only in Metro Manila but also in the provinces,” said Dooc.

Dooc added that they will stop the blatant violation of social security law among employers through the RACE campaign.

During the campaign, Dooc identified 36 out the 54 mapped stores as non-compliant, 19 of which were non-registrant, 11 were intermittently paying and six were non-paying.

These employers will be given letters of notice to register their employees as SSS members and pay their monthly premiums.

Four Collits Enterprises, Elisse Fashion Corp., Chriki Colleczione Corp., Charles and Patty Food Products and Maritonee’s Snack House were given show-cause orders due to non-registration of employees.

These stores were ordered to reply to the show-cause order within the non-extendable period of 15 days from posting.

Failure to submit their reply to the nearest SSS branch would prod SSS to take legal action against them.

Meanwhile, Johan Marlo Food Enterprise, TV Llanes Lotto Outlet, Redberry Trading, and Diandra Denise Boutique were reminded to settle their unpaid contributions including penalties amounting to P309,515.

Dooc said violators of the social security law could be sentenced to a maximum of 12 years imprisonment in addition to the settlement of the total amount of delinquencies and penalties set by the court.