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Creatively impaired

If your client or principal is a distinct personality or entity with unique characteristics or features, why can’t efforts to promote them be also original?

Anyone or anything that stands out because of beauty, charm, and diversity should be so easy to sell to the world.

All you need to do is to enumerate more than 7,000 reasons to visit the Philippines now.

And please make your messaging short and sweet—and original, not copied and pasted from another promotional pitch.

“Wow Philippines” said it all, but some wise guys thought they were smarter and dumped it.
World of Wonders Philippines said it all.
How could you go wrong with this, stupid!   
Advertising agency McCann Worldgroup Philippines on Tuesday came to the defense of the Department of Tourism after its most recent campaign advertisement received backlash for allegedly copying the campaign of South Africa in 2014.
Several netizens were quick to point out the DoT ad as similar to a South African ad which also featured a man who was only revealed to be blind when he was shown using a cane.
However, DoT denied copying the South African ad noting their ad was based on a true story of a Japanese retiree in the Philippines.
McCann Worldgroup, for its part, acknowledged that the way the story in the DoT ad was told “may have similarities with the South African tourism campaign” but denied that it was copied.
“…We underscore that there has never been any intention to copy others’ creative work,” McCann Worldgroup said in a statement. “We stand by the integrity with which this campaign was developed.”  
Yeah, right.
McCann Worldgroup also took full responsibility noting that “all ideas and storyboards presented were conceptualized.”
“It is unfortunate that the DOT has been called out and accused of plagiarism, for work we have done to highlight the testimonial of a real retiree,” McCann Worldgroup said.
“Our latest film, ‘Sights,’ was particularly inspired by the story of a visually-impaired foreigner who has made the Philippines his home and who has come to experience the Philippines in different ways,” the agency added.
McCann Worldgroup bagged the P650-million project to create campaign advertisements for the DOT.
It will include audio-visual presentations, TV and radio commercials, print advertisements, and the DOT’s an upgraded website which will be placed in countries classified as emerging markets.
The P550-million funding would be sourced from the P1 billion previously earmarked by the previous administration for the ‘It's More Fun’ campaign.
DOT’s new ad was first launched worldwide in various TV and online platforms on Independence Day.