Cancer funds

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CANCER remains as a major headache of health authorities not only in impoverished and graft-prone Philippines but also in other parts of the world, claiming the lives of so many people every year.

No less than the chairman of the powerful committee on appropriations in the House of Representatives lamented that the dreaded disease is “a growing and serious public health concern in the country.”

It will be recalled that way back in August 2017, Davao City Rep. Karlo Nograles, committee chairman, filed House Bill (HB) No. 6210 to institutionalize the National Integrated Cancer Control Program.

Under the proposed measure, the integrated cancer control program is envisioned to serve as the framework for all cancer-related activities of the government.

Last week, Congressman Nograles assured the funding requirements of the proposed legislation which seeks to grant funds to address the growing needs of cancer patients in the Philippines.

“Upholding the funding requirements of the measure will put it one step closer toward its enactment, which can come sooner for Filipinos whose loved ones are afflicted by this curse of a disease,” he said.

Likewise, the proposed National Integrated Cancer Control Act aims to make cancer treatment and care more affordable in this country, which is teeming with poor people.

In the view of Nograles, there’s a need to support the recovery and reintegration to society of cancer survivors and eliminate the various forms of burden on patients and their families.

It is, thus, incumbent on members of Congress -- senators and congressmen -- to hasten the approval of HB No. 6210.

And the young lawmaker from Davao City is keen on orchestrating the early passage of the proposed measure.